5yr old girl sustains horrific injuries after being allegedly attacked in school

5 year old AvaLynn was nearly disfigured when
she was allegedly attacked by another pupil at
her Elementary school in Mississippi this week.
The most bizarre thing about this story is that
the school is maintaining that she was not
attacked, rather she got the horrific injuries in
an accident while playing on the playground.
Makes no sense. This looks more like a vicious
attack to me.
Her mother and other relatives have opened a
Facebook page for the young girl to tell what
happened to her and share photos of her
injuries, while seeking for justice. Below is what
they wrote on the Facebook page about the
"On Tuesday, August 26, 2014, Lacey
Harris was called go come pick up her
daughter at Arlington Elementary School
in Pascagoula, Mississippi, because
AvaLynn had been injured in an accident.
The sight Lacey found when she got to
Ava's school was a parents' nightmare:
her face swollen, cut, and bruised beyond
recognition." Continue...
Lacey rushed Ava to the family
pediatrician, who burst into tears upon
seeing the Ava's battered visage.
Fortunately, the doctor determined that it
is unlikely that Ava would have any
permanent physical damage. Mental and
emotional damage is another story
AvaLynn informed Lacey that she was
assaulted by another student: that she
was kicked repeatedly in the face until she
fell off of the slide on the school's
playground. The school informed Lacey
were no teachers present when the
incident occurred, and because of that, no
one could prove whether or not another
student had harmed Ava.
After days of Lacey, friends, and family
members reaching out to local news
stations and to Facebook and other social
media bodies, the school finally released a
statement: AvaLynn was injured as the
result of an accident, one that involved
no other children. Although a police
report was filed, Pascagoula Police
Department states that they are not
investigating the situation.
The school basically claims that Ava
injured herself, as all the photos depicting
her injuries will debunk. The local PD
claims that there has been no criminal
act, which the injury photos also disprove.
So now we've taken this to Facebook,
asking everyone out there to please share
this page, to please share AvaLynn's
story. We need this to reach as many
people as possible so that this little girl
will not go without justice. Please share
this with your friends, your relatives, and
all your local news outlets. Please help us
get the answers and the justice that our
little angel deserves.
The Pascagoula School District issued the
following statement about the incident:
"A student was injured while playing on
the playground at Arlington Elementary
School Tuesday afternoon. School officials
responded to the situation. The parent
was contacted and the student received
medical treatment. No other children
were involved in the incident. The
Pascagoula School District remains
committed to the safety of all its
The mother of the girl, Lacey Harris (pictured
above with AvaLynn), wrote on Friday night:
“As much as my heart is broken for my
daughter, I am also amazed by the
outpouring of love and support from our
family, friends, Oasis church family and
our community. Thank you so much for
your concern, kind words, prayers,
thoughts, shares, and donation. We ask
that you continue these kind gestures.”
How do you fall and receive such injuries? This
school should be temporarily shut down
pending investigation.

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