I’m a fashion Icon’ – KCee reacts to fashion critics

In an interview with TheNETng, Limpopo
crooner, Kcee reacted to criticisms by some
fans regarding his style. Kcee says he's a
fashion icon & those who criticize him don't
know anything about fashion
"As far as I’m concerned those that are
talking about my dress sense don’t even
know what fashion is all about, they just
want to talk, and as a celebrity, people
just want to pick on you and say whatever
they like. For those that know me very
well, if there’s anything that I can boast
of, it’s fashion, I don’t joke with it. Most
of these talks actually started from
pictures I posted on Instagram, and really
I got the buzz I needed at that time, so I
even went on to post more pictures so
people would talk more, and guess what,
my followers have increased drastically
with all these fashion talks. I don’t even
respond to them, I don’t take it serious,
I’m happy and making more money, so
I’m not loosing anything. If you come to
my wardrobe you’ll know what I’m saying,
I’m a fashion icon
...and I can brag about it. Sometimes
there are some things you can’t brag
about, but for me I can brag about
fashion, I don’t have a problem with my
fashion sense" he said Kcee says he does
not have a stylist as he does all his styling
himself ‘I don’t have a stylist, I style
myself. These same set of people that talk
negatively about a certain outfit would
commend me on another one, so I just
see them as confused people. The truth is
I don’t get angry at them, rather I get
inspired’ he said

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