Court Bans Husband To Have Sex With His Wife

A High Court judge officially prohibited
the man to have sex with his mentally
disabled wife, London, UK.
The unnamed man, from Bangladesh,
claimed that his culture and religion allow
him to have sex with his wife any time he
wants. After it was discovered that the
woman did not know she had a choice and
could refuse as she “has the mental age of a
child”, a judge ruled that the two should be

My Wife Starves Me Of Sex” –

Husband Tells Court
It emerged that the couple had a “volatile”
relationship and there were instances of
domestic violence when the husband lost his
temper. The woman was even unable to link
sex to pregnancy and did not know how
the babies appeared in her body.

My Husband Loves Sex Too Much

– Woman Begs Court To Dissolve Marriage
She and her four children were ordered to be
detained in accommodation where they will
receive 24-hour care. But her husband has
since demanded that she return to their
home. However, a judge said that it is not
her duty to “submit” to him.

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