Kim Kardashain Cannot Get Pregnant Again

I Am Very Angry Because I
Cannot Get Pregnant Again-Kim
Kim Kardashian is upset for a very good reason
… as hard as she’s been trying, she can’t get
pregnant. According to TMZ:
Kim has been very open with friends and family
… she and Kanye have been trying to have
another baby for the last 9 months but nothing
has worked. Kim has been to fertility doctors,
but they’ve made it clear … having another
baby is a long shot.
Turns out North West was a miracle baby … she
had 3 specialists tell her she couldn’t get
pregnant before North was conceived. Kim and
Kanye assumed the second baby would be
easier since it worked once, but the doctors are
telling her that’s not the case.
We’re told Kim is trying to reduce her stress
and cut down on traveling … per doctor’s
advice. We’re told Kanye has been to almost
every doctor’s visit … Kim goes once a month.
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