Against The law,Nigeria Police Beating to Coma By An Actor

Soji Taiwo, fondly called Omo Banke almost lost
himself on Monday morning of January 26, 201
around Ogba, Lagos, when he had a fist smack
with an officer of the Nigeria Police.
His action, which took place at about 11:05am,

surprised some of those who witnessed the
event and concluded that the actor may have
acted under the influence of alcohol.

The actor reportedly threatened to slap a
policeman who had confronted him around Are
G Police Headquarters in Lagos, near the
Nigerian Institute of Journalism (NIJ) building.
According to an informer, who claimed to have
witnessed the incident and narrated it, Omo
Banke had hit a tricycle popularly called Keke
Napep with the Honda Civic silver colour car he
was driving.

“It was said that he was trying to make a turn
at the Area G junction heading towards Berger
when he accidentally hit the tricycle. And when
he was confronted, he flared up, but it took th
quick intervention of some street urchins in the
area popularly called ‘area boys’ to calm Omo
Banke down, who had threatened to assault a
policeman who tried to settle the argument
between him and the tricycle rider.

“He later jumped into his car and sped off
without showing any remorse for the tricycle
rider” .
Meanwhile, contacted Omo
Banke on phone to get his side of the story. He
urged us to drop the story, but denied ever
threatening to assault a police officer.

‘Is it possible for a civilian to beat up a
uniformed man in Nigeria?’ he asked in Yoruba
language, ‘I would advise you do not write the
story because there is no sense in it,’ he added.

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