An Evil Spirit Always Possesses Me-60 -yr old man who sleeps with 14-yr old daughter(Photo)

“I cannot remember what I did. An evil spirit always possesses me and as soon as I am done, I will regain my senses. Most especially, my daughter never resisted whenever I touch her. I am terribly sor­ry; it is the devil. I have even attended different deliverance services, hoping that God will save me.”
Those were the words of a 60-year-old man, Isiaka Alade, who was arrested by police for allegedly defiling his 14-year-old daughter.

He was picked up by operatives of Lagos State Criminal Investigation Department, Panti when a good Samaritan, who saw him in the act, alerted the police. The unfortu­nate girl (name withheld) was rescued and handed over to the Police welfare depart­ment, pending when she would reunite with her mother or any other member of her ex­tended family.

According to Sun ,At the police station, the teenager re­vealed that it was her father who deflowered her sometime in 2013. She alleged that her father convinced her that there was nothing wrong in what he was doing to her. He was accused of buying different gifts for her as a way of wooing her to submit.

Sober and begging for mercy, Alade promised that if given a second chance, he would return the daughter to her mother.
 “I am sorry but the truth is that I am possessed. No normal father will do such a thing to his daughter. My mistake was allowing her to live with me when I knew that I do not have a wife or woman friend.”
According to him, the girl is his only surviving child.
 “I have been unlucky with women. My first two wives had kids but they all died. I finally married (this girl’s) mother but she was very stubborn. After the birth of (the girl), we separated and she went back to our village in Osun State.
“When (the girl) became eight years, her mother called that I should come and carry her, as she wanted to remarry. Since she is my only child, I accepted and brought her to Lagos in 2008. I was able to enroll her in a private school, till sometime in 2013 when my landlord sold the house and we were forcefully evicted.
“A member of my church assisted me to get a room in an uncompleted building in Ayobo, Alimosho Local Government Area of Lagos State. I started packing sands and making enough money to sustain both of us. It was not easy but I managed, while I made plans to return her to her mother.”
He claimed that he masturbated on top of his daughter, twice.
“This is the one I can remember. I just held her and was play­ing with her breasts till I was satisfied. Al­though I have not slept with another woman for the past eight years, I have done my best not to womanise. I will never have sex with anyone that is not my wife. I was planning to travel to the village and marry another woman who has a job. I do not know what I did to the baale (community leader) that he has sworn to deal with me.
“This is a matter that I can settle with my daughter as a family. I promise to return her to the village as soon as possible. I know that she will forgive me, because we have suffered together in Lagos. I have a lot of people whom I worked for that currently owe me. My plans were to use the money to send her to the village. I am not denying whether I did it or not. I am guilty but please understand that it is the devil that possessed me, ” he pleaded.
Confirming his arrest, Lagos State police spokesman, DSP Kenneth Nwosu said that Alade would soon be charged to court. He also said that the girl is currently at the wel­fare department, pending when she will be reunited with her family.

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