Much ado about this photo of 2face kissing baby Mama, Pero


I got these photos yesterday and despite the not so pleasant details by the source who sent them, I choose to believe they are innocent photos..Its a photo of 2face and the mother of 3 of his kids ,Pero Adeniyi reportedly taken at Rumours night club in Festac..
Though the sender alleges differently, the photo was obviously taken in the full glare of the public..While the others seem friendly and expected, considering she has three kids for him,the kissing pic is disturbing to fans of 2face and Annie Idibia ..
While some feel it is an indication of something sinister going on behind the scenes, others question why 2face who always gushes about his beloved wife would openly kiss a woman who many consider her rival...Some say 2face(visibly wearing his wedding ring) was not doing the kissing,his mouth was shut, and he may have been caught off guard..

In her most recent interview with motherhood magazine, Annie had this to say about her relationship with Pero
‘I try to keep it civil with everybody; I make sure I am accessible enough. The kids come visiting. I try to be civil in a way that they are comfortable with allowing their kids to visit their dad. I mean, I’m cool if you’re cool.”
Recall, Pero was pregnant with twins ,when he proposed to Annie Idibia..and she suddenly went under the radar to the relief of many who felt she was going to put up a fight.

What's your opinion about this? ..Meanwhile,Annie has not responded ,but she posted some cryptic messages on instagram a few days ago...More below

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