Naked pics,I Was Happy When My Naked Photo Was Featured In Newspaper

Ghanaian singer, actress, TV personality and
former beauty queen, Deborah Vanessa, took t
her instagram page yesterday to express how
happy she was that a Romanian newspaper
featured her naked pic on their front cover

alongside Kim K. Deborah released the naked
photo on her instagram page a few months ago
and LiberTatea Lumea picked it up to her
delight. She shared the newspaper page on her
instagram and wrote;

"I woke up in a Romanian newsp
#LiberTatea #Lumea. It says that
the most loved Ghanaian artistes
because of my songs and extreme
pictures and that African media s
about Kim K's nude pics after I p
to the delight of my fans.

Lol. The kind of things that excite some people.
See the full nude pic after the cut...

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