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Some people discover their talents at a very unfortunate period of their lives; when they are in hardship. But the same cannot be said of Oluwatobi Akanbi, a 12-year-old rapper who boasts the courage of an adult.NAIJ.com’s correspondent were in Abeokuta, the Ogun state capital for the ongoing National Drums Festival, when this young chap was made to perform on stage.With the traditionalAdire outfit on a pair of jeans trousers, the youngster whose stage name is T-rapper, not just dazzled the teeming audience, but was also spontaneous in some of his remarks.After the performance, our correspondent caught up with him and had a brief interview with him. He was also asked to do a freestyle on the spot.Master Akanbi, who said that he has been rapping since he was six, also called out popular award-winning Nigerian artist, Olamideaka Badoo, stating that he could match the finesse of the ‘street’ rapper, although his ultimate goal remains having acollabowith theEyan Mayweather crooner.Below are some pictures of his performance as well as his interview with our correspondent:

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