7 Ways To Avoid Being kidnapped In Nigeria.

7 Ways To Avoid Being kidnapped In Nigeria.

Follow these steps if you want to be invisible to the men of the underworld.

Kidnapping is big business in Nigeria.

Even though one of the kingpin of the kidnapping business in nigeria "Evans" has been arrested, this doesn't mean that there aren't kidnappers out there watching our daily moves.

Unfortunately, the state of security in Nigeria is still low despite Evans' arrest. It's every man for himself out there and you have to be vigilant. Don't take anything for granted.

Below are 7 tips to avoid being kidnapped.

1) Spread your money in various accounts

It is not smart to put all your savings in just one bank account. You never know if your account manager is in league with a kidnapper. Trust no one. Spread your money so that no one is aware you have a lot of money and can pay a huge ransom.

2) Avoid being flashy in public

In a country where the gap between the rich and poor is wide, you have to be careful how you appear in public. Wearing expensive watches, chains is not a good idea. You never know if kidnappers are watching now. In all cases try your best to look plain as possible. If you can't get security guards.

3) Watch how you speak in front of domestic servants

A lot of people talk recklessly in the presence of their gate men, house helps and drivers. Don't talk about money you are expecting or sending in front of just anyone. People have been kidnapped based on information that their domestic staff told a kidnapper. Talk about money when you are alone or in front of people you absolutely trust.

4) Be conservative on social media

This one is pretty obvious. Do not flaunt your wealth on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook or SnapChat.  You are calling undue attention to yourself and making yourself a target.

5) Tint the windows of your expensive ride

If you have a very expensive car, get permission from the police to have tints. This would make you as anonymous as possible.

6) Don't be predictable

When coming home or going home, don't take the same roads all the time. Try to be unpredictable. Take alternative routes, use a different car, enter a cab instead. This could throw off any kidnappers on your tail.

7) Public donations in church

Don't try to be a money bag in public. Do your best not to make public donations in church and in your neighbourhood meetings as well. If you donate publicly, you are giving people an indication of your wealth. Anonymous donations are the best.

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