Harrysong Used Stolen Stock Images To Announce The Arrival Of His Twins (Photos)

Earlier this week, news broke that musician Harrysong and his girlfriend had welcomed twins with various websites sharing alleged photos of the twins.
His media team released this statement soon after;
The baby boy has been christened, ‘Perez’ meaning wealth in Ijaw language, the baby girl’s name was adapted from Harrysong’s own name (Tare) and has been called ‘Tarela’, which means love.
Today, the musician uploaded this on his Instagram account.
Although he did not directly state that these are his twins, it was a fair assumption and fans have been congratulating him on the new addition to his family.
The caption read; “Welcome Tarela and Perez youngest,freshest and most adorable altersoldiers”
An Instagram page for the twins “Perez and Tarela” was also opened and the handle was shared in the same post uploaded on Instagram by Harrysong – @perezandtarela.
A Google search revealed that one of the photos is from the University of Kansas Neonatology website.

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