How To Protect Your ATM Card From Fraudsters in Nigeria.

How To Protect Your ATM Card From Fraudsters in Nigeria.

ATM cards provide us with convenient, easy and fast way to carry out monetary transactions. With an ATM card, you can withdraw fund from your account, check account balance, buy airtime and pay bills and carry out transactions online.

How To Easily Secure Your ATM in Nigeria From Fraudsters
However in Nigeria, it comes with a few challenges that needs to be addressed and one of such challenge is fraud. ATM scam and fraud related offenses are on the rise and it is best you know how to protect yourself from this. This post will proffer security tips on what to do.

Below Are The Top 6 Ways To Protect Your ATM From Fraudsters In Nigeria:

1. Learn To Use The Atm Machine.

The first step toward securing your card is to learn how to use it and avoid giving it to someone else. The moment you tell someone your ATM card details, it is no longer private and such person could use it when he gets hold of the card without your knowledge.

2. Watch Out For Fraudsters SMS & Calls.

Time and again, banks had always warned that they will under no circumstance request for a customer’s bank details through call, sms or email. However, people are still falling victims of fraudster calling or messaging them and using BVN related scams to get their ATM details. On no account should you provide your account details to anyone that call or message you. If your bank requires such information, you will be invited to the bank.

3. Use The Right ATM Machine.

It is safe to use ATM attached to Banks or other public utilities that are under surveillance 24 hours as there are slim chance of fraudsters tempering with the card as opposed to the ones in hidden places.

4. Be Vigilant & Conscious Of Your Surrounding.

You need to keep an open eye to your surroundings as security is everyone’s business. If you are about to use an ATM machine and you see faces you don’t trust close by, it is best to terminate such transactions and go else way.

5. Be On The Look Out For ATM Skimmers and Avoid Them.

ATM skimmers are usually small devices such as card readers or PIN code detectors that are attached to the ATM machines or disguised as part of the machine. Skimming devices are designed to save the user’s card number and PIN code in order to replicate a counterfeit copy for illegal transactions. When you see anything strange, it is best in your interest to avoid the transaction.

6. Use Only Secured Websites For Your Online Transactions.

When carrying out an online transaction and you are required to submit your card details, made you’re the website is secured and information send through it are encrypted else don’t carry out the transaction. Most browsers use the lock or key symbol to show a secured website.
In conclusion, it is important you don’t give out you the numbers on your ATM card to anyone, no matter what. This information is what is required to carry out transactions online so even if your card is with you, anyone with this information could carry out transactions online using your card without you know who the person is.

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