[News] "BOB .J." Threatens Lawmanvideos

Just while the rumour was spreading that the famous art,Boby Henry would be expecting a child soon out of wedlock.
  He took to his whatsapp lately yesterday being 10th of June 2017 to threaten the Lawmanvideos Official. Though we don't actually get the angle he was driving at since he never replied to the rumour if it was fake or true but from the way he sounded,I felt he was in grief.
   "Bobby,I have no business with you.I was only doing my work and besides I never sent you to impregnant a woman so you better fuck out of my way and sort your life out!! Nonsense" those were exactly words from Lawman to him.

This is just becoming interesting though I see no reason BOB .J. Should attack Lawmanvideos because we didn't frame this rumour,it was reported to us.

   "Thank you for reading"

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