Roseanne Barr's TV Son Says Many Have Been Left Jobless Due To Sudden Cancellation Of Show

Roseanne Barr's TV son, Michael Fishman, says he fears the sudden cancellation of their show might have left a lot of people without a job.

Fishman, who plays D.J. Conner on "Roseanne," tells TMZ, "I worry most for our crew and writers who passed on jobs this year to stay with us."

Recall ABC axed the show hours after Roseanne's racist tweet.

Mike's concerns are indeed valid. A production source who was working on "Roseanne" tells TMZ about 300 people are now unemployed after the cancellation. They are told most production gigs for the fall were filled in the last few weeks during network upfronts.

The source says a lot of the "Roseanne" crew including writers and others are hoping to land jobs during mid-season replacements this year to help pay for their life expenses.
One crew member has 2 kids in grad school, and says they couldn't afford the show getting tanked out of nowhere like it did.

A 2nd source tied directly to the show also say people might've overextended themselves financially considering the show's massive ratings, and might've had a false sense of job security.

It's unclear whether writers and crew will get paid for the scrapped upcoming season. Poor workers!

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