Football Betting Vs Baba Ijebu (Lotto) – Which Do You Think Nigerians Plays The Most & Which Pays Most?

Hello Guys,
Hope you all are doing great and the weekend is going fine?
You all will agree with me that Football Betting & Lotto has helped so many Nigerians in different ways even though the Country is not smiling at anyone.
If not for these 2 games, the Crime rate in Nigeria would have been on the rise badly, such that Rich people won’t be able to buy big cars or build big houses because of the fear of being robbed.
I know a whole lot of people who would have Traveled out of Nigeria but at least there’s something giving Nigerians hope that one day one day, they will hit Jackpot and cash out big time.
Although, these 2 games have ended some people’s careers and send them back to their villages after they lost all they have. Anything that has a good side also has it’s bad side.
Well, Today, we will like to ask everyone which of these 2 games they think Nigerians plays the most and
which one they think pays better .
Let’s go

I can bet it, 99.9% of you all must have played it at one point or the other and knows how it works.
Well, research has it that 80% (Majority) of those who plays Baba Ijebu are mostly uneducated and belongs to the age bracket of 24 – 50.
They play it 2 times daily in front of the Kiosk and only 5% eventually Wins. It’s hard to predict the Winning numbers except say you sabi forcast die
Well, it pays big time except you get
One Leg or 2 numbers comes out of your 3 directs ticket

Research has it that over 49.3% of Nigerians bet on their Favorite team every weekend, even those without a Team stake on any Team they think can fetch them money.
80% of those who Bet are Educated and is mostly played by the Youths between the age bracket of 18 – 85 (Who no wan chop money na?)
It’s mostly played on their Internet enabled devices. Only few who are uneducated or don’t have access to the Internet plays from their off line shops located in almost every corner of the Country.
35% of those involved wins small amount of Money and a very few wins Large amount of money when they stake with big amounts or bet on a team with extremely massive odds.
I have seen some guys who stake with N150 and their possible winning is 12 Million Awon ole! Na so their Ticket go long from one bus-stop to the next as if it’s a bandage
Now, here is our questions
Baba Ijebu vs Football Betting, Which Do You Think Nigerians Plays The Most?
Also, From Your Own Experience – Which Do You Think Pays The Most?
Let’s hear from you all about this.
Drop your comments.

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