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5 Tips For Finding Your Own Blog Niche



What does it mean to find your own blogging niche, and why should you stick to one? Having a niche means having a set idea or a topic that you write about. It is a more specific way of categorizing your content and attracting visitors who are interested in that topic. Choosing one gives your blog a little more purpose. It allows you to become known as someone who posts about -blank-.  If you’re ready to settle down and choose a niche for your blog instead of writing about whatever you feel like writing about, here are some tips for doing just that:

1. Narrow down your current topic list

What are some of the things that you regularly post about? Are there any that you really wouldn’t miss if you stopped including them? If you post about a variety of things currently, try eliminating some of the ones that don’t excite you very much. Try to get that list down to 2 or 3 topics and you’ll have a better idea of the direction your blog can take.

2. Find what excites you

Writing about things that you enjoy should come naturally. Why not take one of those things and create a niche blog about it? Following your heart is the best way to stumble upon a niche that appeals to you. Find something you love, and go from there. If you’re planning on sticking with it for the long haul, it’s essential that you find a niche that you actually enjoy being a part of!

3. Use your experience

If you’ve been trained in a certain area, you’re already one step closer to finding your perfect niche. Using your skills and experience is a safe way to venture into a new niche blog and become a resource for others interested in that area.  I’m positive that there is something that you are skilled at (formally trained or not!), but it’s up to you to unleash your knowledge to the world.

4. Forget about everyone else

Try to get the “people have already posted about that” mentality out of your mind. I’m pretty sure that there is a blog post already created about every single thing in the universe by now, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t write about those things as well. Everyone has a unique perspective or skill that they can add to any conversation, so instead of worrying about whether or not it’s already been done before, concentrate on how you can make an idea unique to you.

5. Use your lifestyle as inspiration

Creating a “lifestyle” blog doesn’t always have to mean that you write about anything and everything that happens in your life. Instead, use some of your lifestyle experiences as inspiration for your niche. Perhaps you take yoga every week. Your blog could be centered around yoga and healthy lifestyles. Or maybe you work as a florist and could come up with some awesome floral inspired topics to fill a blog of the same niche.

6. Become a self proclaimed specialist

We all have things that we are good at or that we like to partake in. The difference between people who generalize in an area and people who specialize in one is the amount of focus and attention they give a particular topic. When you focus entirely on one area, over time you will become somewhat of an expert in that field. Whatever niche you choose, always be sure that it’s something you can keep up with and use your personality to really make your blog shine. Finding your niche is the first step, keeping visitors around and offering your unique point of view is the next!

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