How To Drive Traffic Back to Old Blog Posts


You spend a lot of time coming up with fresh, new content for your blog, yet what happens to the older stuff you’ve published? If you’re like most bloggers, it gets pushed aside and forgotten about. It’s important to remember that your content from the past may still be relevant today! By driving traffic back to your old posts, you can increase engagement and keep visitors on your site longer. This helps with your page views and also your bounce rate (which is how long a visitor stuck around). Both are an important part of SEO, but what’s even more important is providing a lasting experience for visitors and making sure they want to come back! Below are a few ideas for sharing your past posts that I believe would work well for anyone… and they’re really easy to incorporate!

Link keywords or phrases in your new posts to old, related ones

An easy way to increase page views and drive traffic back to previous posts is to simply link to those posts in your newly published ones.  This also allows readers to click on topics or words to find out what else you have to say about a subject. It is a non-intrusive and organic way to keep visitors on your site longer. To do this, all you have to do is search through some of your past posts that might relate to the topic you are writing about and add a text link to some of the words within your post. Did you notice? I did it in the paragraph above! You can even go back through your older posts and add links to your newer ones within the text as well.

End your posts with a “P.S.”

Another way you can encourage visitors to continue reading is to simply add a couple other article links at the bottom of your post. Think about including ones that they might like if they enjoyed the current article they’re reading. This could look something like:
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Keep sharing old posts on social media

Just because they are old, doesn’t mean they’re dead! Your old posts might still be relevant and others might still be able to enjoy them, so don’t forget to throw older links in with your social media sharing every so often as well! This will help increase your social media referrals and might introduce others to your blog as well.

Include a “Top Posts” widget on your blog

Having a widget that you can display proudly in your sidebar with some of your top posts or your own personal favourite posts allows for others to go back in time and view some of your best! I recommend only displaying 5-6 posts maximum to grab attention yet not overpower your sidebar with links. You can change this often as you see fit.

Link posts in your About page

Just as you did at the start of this article, try adding some links to the text within your About page content. This will help new visitors click through to some of your older posts to get a sense of what you write about. You can also include a list of some of your favourite (or your readers’ favourite!) posts. Hopefully this gave you some ideas for increasing page views and getting visitors to read old posts easily!

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  • RITU
    RITU 17 December 2019 at 12:29

    Hello Admin,

    You invest a great deal of energy thinking of crisp, new substance for your blog, yet what befalls the more established stuff you've distributed? In case you're similar to most bloggers, it gets drove aside and overlooked.



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