Apps To Help You Cope With Your Workload

As you try to wrap up your work as soon as possible to meet several deadlines, there are applications that can make things simpler for you. These apps will aid you to handle the stress that comes with your job. The applications will cost you nothing and can be enjoyed on your Android, iPhone, desktop, and tab. Check out a few of them in our list of 7 Apps To Help You Cope With Your Workload:

1. Wave

Apps To Help You Cope With Your WorkloadThis app helps you to manage your cash. With it, you will definitely be at the top of your money game. It assists you to manage your business bank account, send invoices, pay bills, store receipts and so on. Wave Financial Inc developed it and we must say, they did a good job.

2. Google Assistant

Apps To Help You Cope With Your Workload
A virtual assistant is always key for phone users. Options like Siri, Cortana and Alexa keep helping us with our daily activities, but Google has its own now as well, and it is surely high up there among the best options because Google Assistant is already aware of so many things about you.

It can help you to plan your schedule, locate good spots for business lunch. If you need to make reservations, it is a decent option.

3. Wunderlist

Apps To Help You Cope With Your WorkloadIf you are searching for an app that can do it all, I mean an app that can do things like forwarding your emails, organizing your file, sharing your lists with your fellow employees for joint projects and so on, then this should be your choice.

Users will also be able to assign tasks, include deadlines and attachments, and have access to a comment section to help your team to share ideas and rub minds.

4. MobileDay

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This application syncs itself with your calendar and online meeting applications like Skype for Business, GoToMeeting, Google Hangout and so on. So when next you are on holiday and an urgent business meeting pops up, you can initiate a conference call with one tap on your phone. MobileDay aids the connection of all online meeting apps with one button named “Join the Online Meeting,” thereby eradicating the stress of entering the password separately.

5. Teamviewer

This app helps with remote control, desktop (screen) sharing, online meetings, and online conferencing. It helps everyone who downloads it to have total access to other devices like they are physically in front of it. It costs nothing and some of its features include file sharing, whiteboard viewing, collaborating, and organizing group meetings with various people.

6. Slack

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This platform simplifies communication and collaboration like social media. It comes with features that make you more organized when you do your job.

With this app, all business work and convos are smoothly arranged and seamlessly searchable. Slack aids users to create several channels for a lot of projects, departments, and clients, so you do not lose vital information.

7. LastPass

This app is popular for managing passwords for a lot of users. If you are a huge fan of security, you will fancy it. To make things easier for your brain, this app has the tech to store the password for every website you register on. It also offers one master password for you to access all your data. LastPass will even have access to your passwords without any internet connection. It will surely help with your office work.
There you have it – a comprehensive list of 7 apps to help you cope with your workload. If you have other recommendations, feel free to drop them in the comment section below.
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