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Best Celebrity Games For Android 2019

Since multimedia is the key to success nowadays, several celebs, TV shows, music, and movie stars have opted for the mobile platform to release their personal games.  These celebrity games are quite different in style and gameplay and that makes them beautiful to stare at, to begin with. If we are being honest, none of them have been as successful as Kim Kardashian: Hollywood but they are still worth playing for lots of gamers out there. Let’s discuss the 10 Best Celebrity Games For Android:

1. Alien: Blackout

Best Celebrity Games For AndroidThis is an arcade mobile game that is identical to the Five Nights at Freddy’s series. Players get to guard a spot and prevent the aliens from getting to them. There are lots of strategies and your decisions will keep changing. The game comes with 7 levels and it uses the Amanda Ripley story. It is not free but there are no in-app purchases or ads.

2. Disney Crossy Road

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This game possesses all the Disney protagonists you know so it had to make this list. It is similar to Frogger. Gamers get to cross rivers, roads while avoiding obstacles. In the Disney variant, you get to unlock more than one hundred Disney characters and a lot of them have their personal soundtrack and level theming. Children can play this one too.

3. Harry Potter: Wizards Unite

Best Celebrity Games For AndroidIt is an AR game that happens in the real world. It possesses a lot of Harry Potter characters from the books and films.

Its game mechanics also resembles that of Pokemon Go. Gamers will exit the house, retrieve Traces of magic across the globe and cast spells at the Foundables. It is a brilliant way to leave the house and you will surely know the cast beforehand.

4. Injustice 1 and 2

Best Celebrity Games For Android
This is fun tap fighter games. They possess several superheroes from the DC Comics universe and cameo appearances from the well-known characters. It comes with several playable characters, easy controls and so on. It might not be as deep as a proper arcade fighter, but it is fun nonetheless.

5. Nonstop Chuck Norris

Best Celebrity Games For AndroidThis is a spin-off of the popular game, Nonstop Knight. Gamers will be playing as Chuck Norris. Your aim is to defeat a few bad guys.

You will have access to special moves to select from along with equipment upgrades, stat boosts and so on. The aim is to go as long as you can until you are conquered. The mechanics are easy too. Chuck Norris is a one man army, so you will need to concentrate on fighting.

6. Office Space: Idle Profits

This is a bit of fan service if you were dazzled by the movie. It comes with several scenes and references from the film. It is basically an idle game, meaning, it actually plays itself. You are allowed to make it go quicker by clicking frequently on the display. Plus, there are scarce items that can be won, a lot of upgrades and achievements and so on. The adverts in it are quite frustrating though.

7. Pocket Mortys

This is a game that shows you characters from the popular show, “Rick and Morty.” Its play is similar to that of Pokemon game. Gamers will be playing as Rick for this one and your goal is to collect and battle several Mortys vs other Ricks. There are seventy different Mortys to retrieve and a complete story to work with that is filled with intense humor.

8. The Simpsons: Tapped Out

This game was one of the most popular when we started hearing about celebrity games. Its premise is that Homer blows up Springfield at last. Your simple objective is to start the rebuilding process from the beginning. It shows several references to the show and you will also be able to interact. It is really fun.

9. Tony Hawk’s Skate Jam

Image result for Tony Hawkâ??s Skate Jam
Still on the topic of best celebrity games for Android, Tony Hawk’s skateboard game is another highly recommended game you should totally check out. It is a skateboard game with the most popular skateboarder ever. Its play is identical to that of the Skateboard Party series plus the same software developer blessed us with both. It comes with several tournaments and a career mode for players. Plus, there are a few character personalization elements, some tricks to get familiar with and so on. Its mechanics are dope.

10. The Walking Dead No Man’s Land

There are several The Walking Dead games and you can actually slot any one of these long lists into this article. People adore the show, so, this is very expected. We, however, settled for “No Man’s Land” since it still gets updated from time to time and a lot of gamers seem to have fun playing it. It is a free game with RPG elements. Players get to collect the character they love from the show and then rank them. You will be exposed to PvP game modes and a wicked storyline too.
There you have it – a comprehensive list of best celebrity games for Android. If you have other recommendations, feel free to drop them in the comment section below.
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