-63B5D53BB4DBC007517C2B9F8545E693 Christian student, Reynhard Sinaga who became world's most prolific rapist

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Christian student, Reynhard Sinaga who became world's most prolific rapist

Manipulative serial rapist Reynhard Sinaga convinced many of his victims he was a Good Samaritan before going on to drug and rape them at his Manchester flat.

The 36-year-old made his victims feel as though he had done them a favour by offering them a floor to sleep on for the night.

The churchgoing student had previously worked on a thesis about gay and bisexual men after leaving Indonesia to live in Manchester. 

Sinaga was born into a relatively wealthy family in Indonesia and arrived in the UK on a student visa in 2007 financed by his parents, before studying at Manchester and Leeds universities. 

It was from the vantage point of his city centre apartment that he targeted lone young men who were worse for wear from alcohol after being separated from friends or on their way home.

Sinaga graduated from the University of Manchester in 2009 with an MSc degree in Planning and again in 2011 with an MA degree in Sociology.

No concerns of a sexual nature, or of any other matters, were ever raised with the university, confirmed officials.

From 2012 he commuted monthly to the University of Leeds as part of his studies for a PhD.

January 2015 to May 2017: The period over which Reynhard Sinaga was said to have committed sex assaults against 48 men in Manchester

June 1 to July 10, 2018: Sinaga goes on his first trial which sees him convicted of 31 counts of rape, three counts of attempted rape and six counts of sexual assault. 

April 1 to May 7, 2019: Sinaga goes on trial for the second time and is convicted of 49 counts of rape, five counts of attempted rape and one count of sexual assault. He is jailed for 20 years after the first two trials.

September 16 to October 4, 2019:  Sinaga goes on his third trial and is convicted of 26 counts of rape, one count of assault by penetration and five counts of sexual assault.

December 2, 2019 and December 20, 2019: Sinaga goes on his fourth trial and is convicted of 30 counts of rape and two counts of sexual assault.

Today: Sinaga is jailed for at least 30 years over the third and fourth trials. In total, he was found guilty across all four trials of 159 offences - 136 rapes, eight attempted rapes, 14 sexual assaults, and one by penetration.

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