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Wanting to Make a Smart Home

Smart home tech is rapidly on the rise. Whether it’s as part of home security systems or not, you do get a lot of benefits from it. However, one major problem that a lot of homeowners
seem to have with smart homes is not knowing where to begin. Yes, it can be confusing to get into the smart home game, especially with so many manufacturers jumping on the wagon and creating some really compelling options.
That being said, there are a couple of basics that every homeowner should take care of when they’re starting out. And below we’ll talk about the five things you should begin with when you want to get a smart home.

Start with a Hub

The first thing you’ll want to get is a hub. A hub is a device that allows you to use all of your smart devices from a single app. For example, if you have lights from Philips, motion sensors from Xiaomi, and a speaker from Apple, you’re in trouble. You’ll have to jump from one app to another depending on what you’re trying to do. But if you opt for a hub, you’ll be able to control all of them from a single app, which does make things a lot more convenient.
When deciding which one to go for, you’ll come across various brands. Arguably the most popular one is Apple’s HomeKit, but there are quite a lot of alternatives. In the end, use whatever works best for you.

Get a Voice Assistant

Having a voice assistant goes a long way towards making things more convenient. Yes, you could grab your smartphone app, but it’s even better if you can just tell your voice assistant to change the lighting, or turn off the TV for you, right? There’s also the fact that they’re constantly plugged in, so your main control device doesn’t need to be plugged in and recharged. 
Echo Dot for Smart Home
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There are a few options here, such as Amazon’s Echo line of speakers that come with their Alexa home assistant. Another alternative is Google Home, which comes with the Google Assistant and does a really great job. The choice is completely yours, but an assistant is definitely something you should be adding to your list.

Grab a Few Smart Lights

Sure, there are a lot of effective ways to show off your smart home products. However, none matches the cool factor of smart lighting. Every smart home owner must have a few light bulbs or light strips in their home, and you can have them set up in the rooms where you spend the most time. For example, smart kitchen lighting or a smart bulb in your nightstand light are both excellent ideas.
You will find a lot of options, which means a lot of room for experimenting. There’s also the fact that smart lighting is one of the cheapest ways of starting off with your smart home, and smart lights are usually one of the most universally compatible smart home products.

Enhance Your Security

While you’re going for smart home tech, it could be a good idea to get a few smart security cameras, and maybe an alarm system. Smart tech does go a long way towards security, especially with products such as connected cameras, video doorbells, and smart locks.
Smart Door Security
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A smart lock gives you a lot of control over who gets in your home, and you no longer need to hide a key under the doormat in case you forgot yours. You can have different entry codes for different family members, and you can unlock it remotely. A combination of smart cameras and alarm system means that if anything does happen in your home, you’ll know immediately, regardless of where you are and what you’re doing. You can connect to your cameras from wherever you are, and see what’s going on in your home.

Motion Sensors Are Pretty Useful

The last recommendation we have is motion sensors. While you might think that these are only good when you want to trigger an action without doing much yourself, they actually tie up very well with security items, too. You can use them to automate quite a few actions that could alert you that something is going on in your home when you don’t want it to be happening.
A motion sensor on your entry path could tell your outdoor security camera to start recording. One on the porch could turn on the porch lights and brighten up whoever is trying to get to your home under the cover of darkness. Oh, and having a few around your yard that are also connected to your outdoor lights will also prevent thieves from getting close to your home during the night without you knowing about it. 
Do you think we missed out on any crucial item to start a smart home? Do let us know in the comments below.
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