Buratai is killing us, yet he calls himself a Muslim, Allah will judge him-Shekau raises alarm

17 April 2020

Of recent, the Boko Haram forces have met stiff resistance in the hands of the Chadian army.

The Chadian army last week destroyed five core bases of Boko Haram and was even close to capturing their leader Abubarkar Shekau.

Preceding then the Boko Haram rebel troops attacked a Chad base and killed at least 98 Chadian soldiers.

That attack prompted a sharp response from the Chad troops who immediately countered the Boko Haram forces, With the strings of success from the attack, the Boko Haram Forces retreated to their base outside Chad in Sambissa forest.

With the scattering of its forces, the Nigerian Chief of Army staff launched an offensive personally led by him on Boko Haram.

With the new offensive by the Nigerian troops, Boko Haram has suffered a lot of casualties.
The spiritual head of the Boko Haram Abubakar Shekau has cried out that Buraitai a fellow Muslim is killing them.
He concluded that Allah would judge him.
Her him out .’ Buratai is killing us, yet he calls himself a Muslim, He will be judged by Allah”

With the latest outcry from Abubakar Shekau, it seems the end is near for the terror group.
Drop your views at the comment session, is Abubarkar Shekau now a coward?

More than 30,000 people have been killed and nearly 3 million displaced in a decade of Boko Haram terror activities in Nigeria.
Source EdoFocus

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