COVD-19: Doctor calls on FG, NCDC for clinical…

A lecturer at the University of Nigeria, Nsukka (UNN), Dr. Chidi Ezeihu, is seeking approval from the federal government and the Nigerian Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) for the clinical trial of his drugs to treat patients of the COVID -19 pandemic.

Ezeihu, who is also an expert in alternative medicine, said he strongly believes that his ‘Salvage A and B’ formula which he has been using to treat HIV patients may have the capacity to kill SARS COV -2 which he said was the organism responsible for COVID-19 virus.
He disclosed that he came up with the drugs during the peak of the HIV/AIDS crisis.
The medical practitioner, said the African continent is blessed with herbs that are efficacious to cure any disease, noting that “we should not always expect or pray that solution to the COVID-19 virus must come from Western countries.”
He pointed out that he came up with ‘Salvage A and B’ when there was a big vacuum in accessing anti-retroviral drugs, adding that though there were a lot of HIV patients in 1999, but nothing was done for them.
The academic disclosed that the late Prof. Onuaguluchi was at the University of Nigeria Teaching Hospital, carrying out what he described as biomagnetism which he was using to help HIV patients.
Shortly after coming up with ‘Salvage A and B’, he said samples were sent to Prof. Onuaguluchi, who expressed joy that in his lifetime, drugs for the definitive treatment of HIV had been found.
“We are making a strong appeal to the federal government, especially the Nigerian Center for Disease Control; there is a need now, everybody is looking for a solution and since ‘Salvage A and B’ has some efficacy against HIV, the product should be tried on SARS COV 2.
“Salvage A and B works by reactivating cellular immunity by awakening the macrophages. The difference between Salvage A and B combination phyto-drugs for HIV and anti-retroviral therapies for HIV is that Salvage A and B optimizes macrophages functions.
“When macrophages are stimulated with the right therapeutics agents like Salvage A and B, macrophages then begin their jobs properly; antigen recognition, antigen processing and proper antigen presentations. In HIV infection macrophages are dysfunctional.
“Even while treating HIV with the current anti-retroviral, these macrophages are still dysfunctional. When we treat HIV with Salvage A and B, macrophages are so stimulated to the extent that proper antigen recognition, antigen processing and presentation for the immune system to begin to produce immune competent lymphocytes to destroy HIV in the body,” he stated
Also speaking, Dr. Mohammed Jibrin, the Director General and Chief Executive Officer of the National Board for Technology Incubation, said what they do at the technology incubation centers across the country is to nurture start-ups , help them get certification as well as assist them get to the market.
Jibrin, who spoke through Mrs. Thelma Nwabueze, further disclosed that they also monitor the activities of both resident and non-resident entrepreneurs to ensure that they don’t go against the rules.
He pointed that their major mandate is commercialization of research and development results.

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