When a police say “you are under arrest”, tell him this and watch him go dumb

At first when you see a police officer approach you in your resident, your heart almost bump out of your chest, it’s fine to be afraid but not fine to be a coward.

Here they come probably one or two, keep calm as they approach you as you may not be the one they want, but a slight of discomfort may channel their attention to you even if you aren’t the one they are looking for.

Okay, you eventually became their target. Just keep clam and talk as confident as you could, this tends to wear off their whatever prospective aggression.

They’ll greet answer them properly then they will ask for you identity [ your name ] which you should be honest about if you don’t want additional charges as they could charge you to court for [ breach of justice or breach of the police ] you can’t go on answering unnecessary question like if they ask for your age or where you hailed from.

If they keep bombarding you with questions then you might try asking for their official identity which will prompt a genuine one to stretch forth they identity card also stating what branch of police station they come from

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