Young Indian Astrologer Who Predicted Coronavirus Outbreak Warns World, Says Chaos Begins From Today

A young india who predicted the pandemic disease and how it will affect the world and there will be massive deaths.

In the initial moments of the video, the boy who claims to have studied astrology claims that in January 2020, tensions will arise between Iran and the United States. Fulfilling the predictions of the Indian boy, Qasem Soleimani, Iran’s major general was killed by the United States forces, and it elevated the tensions between both the countries.
Later, this boy revealed that China will face some serious issues in 2020. As per this Indian teen astrologer, a biological war will begin in 2020, and several people have started arguing that Covid-19 could be most probably a well-engineered bio-weapon. The boy, in this video, also suggested that there is a possibility of nuclear war this year.
The video uploaded by Conscience has already gone viral, and it has racked up more than 590,000 views on YouTube. After watching this video, users have shared their feedback regarding the predictions made by the Indian boy.On August 22nd, 2019, on his YouTube channel conscience, 14-year-old Abighya Anand, predicted that the world will enter into a tough phase starting November 2019 to April 2020.
As the world all over continues to battle to contain the spread of the deadly corona virus disease, an online report has surfaced showing a boy predicting the event.
This 6 month period will see the spread of global disease and a rise in global tensions. At the height of it, all will be March 31st which will mark the climax of this state, with the world looking tense.
However, on May 29th as the earth orbits away from this tough period, it will mark the decline of the global disease as the spread of it will be more manageable.
Abighya who is a famous Indian ward who has been featured in numerous magazines around the world, notably in 2013 when he was interviewed on the Indian Times where his astrological skills were put to test.
And to the amazement of many, his knowledge of astrology was considered a child’s play. He has rightly by use of astrology predicted prices of gold and silver and other Indian related activities.
“On the corona virus, it is to be noted that it is a global war. A war between the virus and humanity, and whether governments are involved is your guess. But one thing is clear, it is war nonetheless”. he said.
Why Anand considers March 31st to be the climax is based on astrology. Where he cites that Mars will conjunct with Saturn and Jupiter while the Moon and Rahu, will also conjunct. According to him, the Rahus is the north node of the Moon.
This is a rare occurrence since in astrology Mars Saturn and Jupiter are considered the most powerful planets due to the fact that they all are on the outer ring of the solar system. Hence when they are all aligned, their power over earth is enormous.
The corona virus disease which cradled from Wuhan in China, it has spread to over many countries in the world has reportedly infected over 660,000 persons with over 30,000 deaths.
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