22 May 2020

Teacher sentenced to |ail for having s.e.x with 13-year old student divorces husband from prison

A former Arizona teacher who was convicted of having sex with a 13-year-old student is divorcing her husband from prison after he stood by her side during the trial.

Brittany Zamora, 29, filed for divorce from her husband, Daniel Zamora, nearly one year after she was sentenced to 20 years behind bars.
In 2019, Brittany pleaded guilty to s.e.xual conduct with a minor, public sexual indecency and molestation of a child while teaching at Las Brisas Elementary School in Goodyear.

Separate allegations accused the teacher of trying to groom another young boy by promising to send him naked photos of herself.

AZ Central reports that a mother of a male friend of the victim told local authorities that Brittany promised to send her son nude photos over the summer.

During class, Brittany reportedly asked the friend whether he was circumcised.

When he did not understand Brittany's question, she allegedly showed him photos of genitalia on her phone.
The friend said the teacher had never tried to touch or kiss him.

Brittany filed for divorce from Daniel on April 28, according to People.

In the court documents, Brittany checked a box reading, 'Our marriage is broken beyond repair ("irretrievably broken") and there is no hope of reconciliation.'

As part of the filing, Brittany has relinquished her hold on the family home and all other shared properties.

The couple married in 2015 after meeting when they were 16. They have no children together.

After Brittany was arrested, Daniel remained by her side and even went so far as to call the victim's family to plead on his wife's behalf.

Court documents revealed the victim's father told local police Brittany and Daniel were harassing him over the phone.

Daniel called the victim's father to say Brittany had made a mistake, but that she loved children.

He reportedly asked the victim's family to handle the situation out of court, adding that they should 'meet up' and 'settle this'.

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