Child sex ring discovered in Milwaukee, being covered up by police.


People who went inside the cops' child kidnapping/rape house say they found a room with a bed and floor covered in blood.

"there are a bunch of missing black kids that the cops don't care about. some were seen this morning at this house being put into a red minivan, and the house has been suspected as being a sex trafficking operation. cops "searched" the house, found nothing. neighborhood gathered.

"someone inside the house shoots at the people. cops come back, eventually whisk a bunch of people out of the house covered under tarps and shit to hide their identity. cops intimidate people for a while, then leave."

people break into suspected sex trafficking house while cops watch for a bit, then decide to come back and now we're here.

The cops came back and have formed a line around the house and brought in an APC

People are showing up from all over town

Live stream:

It's a legit but well behaved mob of people going over the site, looking in the trash cans, opening up a van in front of the house and looking through it. I think this might turn into something.
Absolutely surrounded the house and the cops with so many people
Ok so there were two houses involved. One where they wer shooting at the crowd gathered, the other house where they moved the kidnapped children, who made a break for it and all the kids have been recovered. Somehow the second house caught fire along with a vehicle by cops proly

they got paperwork and shit from inside the house lmao
Wow crowd is growing, like 3x of what I saw at first. Nothing like a huge residential structure fire to bring a community together
Here is a look inside the pedophile sex dungeon house, with current tenants stuff. TOTALLY PLAUSIBLE that the police could search this house, fail to find at least two kidnapped girls, and at least one, probably more (tarped) child sex slavers
Huh that's weird, the registered property owner is one Harry S. Plinkett. I guess we finally got him, boys
Oh Jesus. I hope this isn't what I think it is. Note the makeshift wall enclosing the space. From inside the house.
Video of some of the stuff recovered from the house

The very very very end of the stream shows the cops sneaking TONS of people out who are covering with tarps into a van they backed up right to the back of the house

Oh no all the evidence burned all up.... Except for the documents and other evidence the people could secure before it was torched. The police left those handwritten documents recording WHEN THESE CHILDREN WERE RAPED in the house. Two searches. Documents in plain view. πŸ•πŸ•πŸ•πŸ•πŸ•
The earlier post in this thread, about the evidence that was taken --- look at that for handwritten notes on the children's names and when they were made to have sex. A running tally.

Dude mentioned in one of the recovered documents is a registered sex offender
Edited video

More information from our plucky thread shitters: (subthread)

Property owner is a member of the clergy who works extensively with kids

There was a van in front of the second house, which the crowd opened and found the bloody shorts ( viewable on stream ) and the bloody bed. The vans owner fled to a neighboring house, while police refused to pursue stating simply that he got away.

Nice work. Bake em away, toys.

Thanks for splicing these

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