All Biafrans worldwide should fast and pray for Nnamdi Kanu and restoration on August 27 – Israeli prophet

The popular prophet in Israel, prophet Emperor yeshua has called on all Biafrans worldwide to observe one day fasting and prayer, for the leader of indigenous people
of Biafra, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and the success of Biafra Independence.

He said he had a revelation, Authorities are after the life of Nnamdi Kanu, they are finding a way to kill him, but due to God is on his side that is why he is alive today. Authorities have sent kidnappers to kidnap him but he escape.

He said there is a great tribulation coming upon Nnamdi Kanu on September from Authorities, but with your prayers it will be averted. Also for the success of Biafra Independence on October 12, God should destroy all the obstacles standing on the way to Biafra restoration.

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