-63B5D53BB4DBC007517C2B9F8545E693 Things You Need To Know About Inksnation Decentralized Blockchain Ledger. (Is inksnation legit Or Scam -Everything You Need To Know)

Things You Need To Know About Inksnation Decentralized Blockchain Ledger. (Is inksnation legit Or Scam -Everything You Need To Know)

Is inksnation legit Or Scam -Everything You Need To Know


Officially or publicly, it all started with an open letter to the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC)

from a Nigerian publicly now known as Omotade Amos Sparks, the founder and author of the charitable blockchain ledger known as IBCash (the official coin) of Inksnation (is inksnation legit)

Inksnation Letter To EFCC?

Dear sir,

NEEDING #theEagle To Sentence Me To Life Imprisonment For National Scam If This Mission Fails.

I Omotade Sparks Amos Sewanu the founder of IBSmartify is writing to inform your agency that IBSmartify will be embarking on a poverty eradication and smart urbanization scheme

from the 12th of November with the aim of ending poverty in Nigeria in 6-9 months and smart urbanization of states in 1-4 years with our IBledger Blockchain’s first token called IBNaira.

In regards to this, I know this will be huge and massive, so i want your anti-graft agency to understand that blockchain is not a scam but an opportunity to transform Africa.

This lBledger blockchain promises to generate funds running into 100’s of billions of dollars to be controlled by the government because our major use cases are governance,

finance(money) and Real Estate (Building of Smart Cities) and this blockchain Will pay Nigerians a minimum of 120,00 Thousand Naira Monthly for life.

After giving the ease of doing business for the said 6-9 months period,

If Omotade-Sparks Amos Sewahu fails to achieve the aforementioned,

please do not hesitate to sentence me to life imprisonment for national scam because if i can not achieve my life’s purpose and calling, then I do not deserve to exist.

Thanks for being my chief whip,

I sure do need this in order to seriously carry this cross of uniting the world and protecting my universal children from the self coming annihilation posed upon humanity. 
Yours sincerely
 Omotade Sparks Amos
CEO/UDI(Universal Daddy Ink)

The inksnation letter to EFCC went viral immediately after it was posted on twitter and people were talking about it. But the replies from people under the thread wasn’t pleasant as expected.

It was literally insults here and there while some were claiming to have been into crypto technology for a very long time hence,

there was nothing like that in their years of experience.

But from another aspect,

I understood the resistance behavior and response the post got due to the level of scams that has occurred before in Nigeria, that of MMM (a Ponzi scheme)

that was introduced to Nigerians few years ago and some Nigerians that jumped onboard MMM lost more than 12 billion Naira in total and MMM was owned by a foreigner called Marv Rodin

and he was rumored to have been a Russian as some people say, so that alone has spoilt the hearts of most Nigerians regarding online money so you can’t possibly blame them.
Inksnation Letter To EFCC
The Program has been registered under CAC (Corporate Affairs Commission)

Believe me any business registered under CAC would be difficult to Scam people and run away, because almost all his life details will be uploaded during the process of the CAC business registration.

Then I went further to their site and made some research. I discover usage of Pinkoin funds will be active by August 12th, 2020.

So here are the membership plans I found on the website:


Now input “Inksnation.io” on your browser
Click on the signup botton.
Then input the username you want (Note: Never forget your username)
Then choose your premium plan
Input your password and confirm it again
Input your pin
Then click on the agree button.
Then click on the sign up botton
After the sign up contact an inksnation agents to help you pay and fund your account with the immediate sum of N 120,000 determining the plan you choose. Or call this agent “+2348104277484”
Note: The site is currently undergoing upgrading.


Now input “inksnation.io” in your browser.
Input your username and password.
Never forget to print your Pinkcard

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