Hashrange Review - Bitcoin Cloud Mining Offline.

2 December 2020

Hashrange Review - Bitcoin Cloud Mining Offline.

What is Hashrange?

Hash range is one of the most modern companies providing the service of mining cryptocurrency in the globe which offers its services without limitation worldwide.

Its a cloud mining platform

The platform basically mines Bitcoin on cloud and returns profit after every 3 months worth 300%.

It offers several packages which includes;

  1. Test

Test is a $5 offline mining package which rewards a profit of $1.2 at the end of 3 months. Currently the Test package can be activated for free by using the coupon code, "Free".

  1. Beginner

The beginner is a $13 offline mining package which rewards 200% in 3 months. Investing $13 rewards a profit of $22 dollars + your $13 capital making it $35 in 3 months.

  1. Basic

Basic is activated with $128 which returns 215% at the End of 3 months. This applies that you make a total of $352.5 after 3 months.

  1. Pasta

Pasta Returns 225% after 3 months, it is activated with $1,250 and returns $3,524.96 at the end.

  1. Super

The Super offline mining package is activated at $5,200 and returns $16,757.8 at the end of 3 months

  1. King

The King plan is activated at $12,300 and it returns $35,249.56 after 3 months. The finally is has the

  1. Super King

Super King returns 380% of your investment, it is activated at $19,500 and returns $70,499.12

Some would want to know how legit this platform is, that's why I'll be including some review screenshots from Trustpilot or you can equally visit here to check for your self.

How To Register On Hashrange

How To Activate An Offline Mining Plan

  • Once you have activated your Hashrange account through your mail

  • Login to your profile and click on the navigation button at the top right corner of the website

  • Click on "Offline Mining"

  • Choose your desired plan and click on add plan.

  • The next page will display an address which should be credited with the desired plan activation amount.

  • Confirm Plan and Activate.

How Do I Withdraw My Earns

Interestingly, You can withdraw your earns once it reaches 0.001 btc, this means that you must not necessarily wait till the end of 3 months before withdrawing.

  • Click on the navigation button on the website

  • Click on "Wallet"

  • Click on Withdrawal

  • Input the amount, minimum of 0.001 btc then include your btc address to withdraw.

Note Also that you can add a plan as many times as you want to.

Thanks for reading. Click here to register to Hashrange


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