Moment house is lifted and moved to new location (Video)

25 February 2021

A video has gone viral on social media in which a 139-year-old Victorian house in San Francisco was lifted from its old address and moved to a new location. In the video that was shared on Twitter by @jrstonelive, residents could be seen watching the moment the old house was moved from 807 Franklin St to 635 Fulton St, San Francisco.
The house was moved from its old location to a new one to make way for another apartment. Photo credit: @jrstonelive Source: Twitter Captioning the video, @jrstonelive wrote: "Nothing to see here, just a historic San Francisco Victorian home coming down the street! Today it’s being moved 6 blocks for more than $400,000. It’s old location near Turk and Franklin will soon be home to more than 60 apartments."
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