5 Signs You May Be In An Unhealthy Relationship

 It’s safe to say many partners are not sure whether or not they are in a healthy relationship, as such, being aware that a relationship is becoming unhealthy is very important in protecting your emotional being, if you find yourself in an unhealthy relationship,it doesn’t necessarily mean you need to quit but knowing the signs will help you draw a line about what’s allowed in your life and not, you need to know when enough is enough, when to address them and if need be let go of such a relationship, of course leaving a relationship is not as easy as it seem but you wouldn’t want to trade your strength, energy, peace of mind any longer for it,a healthy relationship should nurture your strength and not focus on weaknesses. An unhealthy relationship is defined by high frequency of disrespect which ought not to be. Here with me are the signs.

1. Extreme Jealousy.

Jealousy is a normal part of a relationship, it’s okay to feel occasionally insecure and probably want an assurance from your partner just as long as it doesn’t get out of hand, unhealthy relationship is all about wild and irrational jealousy, your partner may become possessive of you and start invading your privacy, constantly going through your bills, receipts, even reading your messages and restrict who you interact with and not interact with, your partner may become more demanding and wanting to know your movement all the time, your partner may even accuse you of flirting with other people and not ready to listen When you tell them it’s not true.

2. Isolation.

Isolation starts when your partner starts pulling you away from your friends and family, they see your support system as a threat to the relationship, cutting you off everything, they question or guilt you if they’ve seen you’re deriving happiness from anything other than them, this is not a healthy relationship, it constantly shows some level of control, possessiveness.

3. Stability.

The relationship is static, no growth, no efforts to love More, no investment in the relationship, your interest isn’t theirs, they don’t care about what’s important to you.

4. Belittling.

Your partner should have your back at all times, in a healthy relationship, words of your partner should build you up and not bring you down, they should make you feel more confident not less, but in an unhealthy relationships, words are used as weapons, conversation that should be fun turns out to be embarrassing, your partner making fun of you in a way that hurts then if you try expressing your feeling for being hurt, they shut you down accuse you of over reacting.

5. Volatility.

This involves physical violence, tearful fights, hitting, kicking economic abuse, not having access to finances, finances are being controlled. The relationship feels constantly unsafe and insecure with emotions going on -again and back-again with no consistency, frequent breakups and makeups, you hear words like, you’re worthless, I’m not even sure why I’m with you, having shots constantly fired at you, reminding you how wrong you’ve been in the past and sometimes followed by apologies that it won’t happen again, unfortunately, by this time you may not understand how dangerous and unhealthy this relationship is because your mind is already conditioned to their past. If your partner is physically, emotionally or verbally abusing you, you need to leave such relationship, don’t justify their actions or take blame on yourself. Dont, you’re enough.

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