“I thought I was dying, 360 Lipo is painful”, Bobrisky CRIES OUT

Bobrisky has disclosed the pain he is currently going through after his Brazilian butt lift surgery.

He announced to his fans and followers on his Instagram page that he would be going in for a butt surgery called the Brazilain Butt Lift to enhance his body shape.

The crossdresser took to his Snapchat story to update his fans on the current situation he finds himself in after the butt lift surgery.

According to Bobrisky, the all-round liposuction is a very painful experience and having a hard time enduring the pain.

He described the pain he is currently going through as pain that is outside the world. He disclosed that after the surgery, he felt he was dying due to the excess pain. Crying out, he disclosed that he feels pains all over including his stomach, and would love to have his normal life back.


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