North Korean leader, Kim Jong Un's 'emaciated' appearance leaves nation heartbroken amid food shortages in his country (Photos)

North Korean leader, Kim Jong Un's apparent weight loss which has left him "looking emaciated" has left the nation heartbroken "so much" amid food shortages in the country,  according to state media reports.

After watching video footage of the North Korean leader, an unidentified Pyongyang citizen was quoted as saying by state broadcaster KRT: “Seeing respected general secretary [Kim Jong-un] looking emaciated breaks our people’s heart so much.”

“Everyone is saying that their tears welled up,” he said, according to Reuters.


North Korean leader, Kim Jong Un


Speculation about the North Korean leader’s health started earlier this month when he reappeared looking significantly thinner after not being seen in public for almost a month, analysts noted his loss in weight.


North Korean leader, Kim Jong Un


So far there no details on what had led to the leader's weight loss.  But Analysts noted there was likely “propaganda value” in Mr. Kim looking slimmer at the same time as there are food shortages in the country.

Mr. Kim this month admitted his country was facing a “tense” food situation caused in part by the Covid-19 pandemic and in part by the flooding due to typhoons last year.

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