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PPSSPP is an acronym for “PlayStation Portable Simulator Suitable for Playing Portably”; it is an open source PSP emulator for Android, Windows, iOS, Mac OS, Linus, and Blackberry 10. PPSSPP Project was created by Henrik Rydgårdand was first launched in 1st November, 2012 and got licence under the GNU GPLv2.


PPSSPP supports games that comes in CSO format – a compressed ISO file. This is why most PPSSPP games are saved with .ISO extension while few are saved with .CSO extension. PPSSPP games saved in this format will not normally run on Android devices except with a PSP emulator.

PlayStation Portable Games (PSP Games)comes with great HD graphics so when you play them on your Android, you enjoy same graphics as when you play them with a Windows computer or consoles. Because of this, PPSSPP games are becoming more popular and many people are downloading them. As you read further you will see a comprehensive list of “best PPSSPP games” and their free download links.


There are many PSP emulators for Android but just very few will deliver the best experience. Some of the characteristics of a good PSP emulator includes: speed, easy to use, good UI, and stability. Having said that, the two best PSP emulator apps for android are PPSSPP emulator and PPSSPP Gold. They are the best because they support a lot of PSP games and runs very fast – delivering HD graphics and other interesting features of PPSSPP games. Also, by using correct PPSSPP settings to match the powers and capabilities of your Android phones, PPSSPP games apk will run smoother on your phone without lags. This means for better performance, you have to apply the best settings.


In this post you will download PSP action games, PSP War games, PSP adventure games, PSP Role playing games, PSP Strategy games, PSP sports games, PSP football games, PSP puzzle games, PSP simulation games, PSP idle games, PSP cartoon games, PSP story telling games.


  • You need a PPSSPP-PSP emulator
  • Your Android Phone
  • At least 4GB free space
  • At least 1GB of RAM
  • ZArchiver App
  • ISO file of the game you want to play
  • Internet connection for online games


There are numerous PSP games available online but we have selected the best from the rest and listed them below in no particular order. So check out the most downloaded PPSSPP games in 2021 for PSP emulator on Android below and download for FREE.

1. PES 2020

Pro Evolution Soccer 2020 now rebranded as “Efootball PES 2020” which is available as an Android apk app is also available for game consoles. So PES 2020 ISO is one of the best PPSSPP-PSP games you can download and play via PSP emulator app.

Enjoy the best super HD graphics and game controls plus mesmerizing features of the new PES 2020 in this PSP game.


Download PES 2020 ISO – PPSSPP (960mb)

2. FIFA 20 ISO

Just like PES, FIFA 2020 was developed with “real football experience” in mind because the graphics and players skills looks so real. Ever since the introduction of PSP emulator that enable Android users play console games on Android, FIFA games has been ever present and rated as one of the best PPSSPP games to play on Android.

FIFA 20 PSP features World cup tournament and other interesting features and competitions. There is training section, quick match and career mode in the latest FIFA 20 PSP installment.You can also customize your team and player to your test. FIFA is a direct rival to PES and the rivalry has already taken a new shape in this new decade.

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