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Obi Cubana and the Gang Mindset Reorientation and Entrepreneurship Lessons and Challenge for Young People in Nigeria.

For those of us plying our trade in the Entrepreneurship space, we are also looking for opportunities to draw lessons from and to respond to issues from the perspective of an Entrepreneurship orientation.

And so beyond the trending public display of stupendous wealth at the burial ceremony of the Late Mother of Obi Cubana by a cross section of Nigerian Young Billionaire Club, there are lessons to be learnt for those of us with fixated rentier and entitlement orientation.

These guys are wealthy and they all worked hard to build up their individual and collective wealth from humble beginnings over the years irrespective of whatever perception or insinuation anyone may be thinking or making and they're at liberty to spend and display their wealth anywhich way they so wish. Na their sweat.

For me, the lessons to be learnt however, is the fact that these guys are Nigerians, living in Nigeria, doing business and making money in Nigeria from the open market economy without any restriction or patronage from Government.
Of course, there's absolutely nothing wrong with enjoying Government patronage and making money thereof. What is of concern and indeed contestable however is the rather unfortunate way a critical mass of Nigerian Young People have deliberately decided to or choose to mortgaged lives depending on unsustainable handouts from Government.

In the same economy where a critical mass of us are living in the wilderness of lamentation, either blaming the Government or expecting to be spoonfed by the Government, some microscopic few with a different mindset and orientation are disrupting the economy, generating wealth and creating jobs for jobs for millions of others.

Nigeria has a market population of over 250 million people with diverse pressing needs looking for solutions from Nigeria Young People.

250 million People in a given market represents 250 million business opportunities begging to be taken.
In my considered opinion, the Obi Cubana's spectacle should not only serve as a source of inspiration but a challenge for Young People in Nigeria to begin to reset their mindset and orientation to liberate themselves from the shackle of dependency.
Don't tell me but it is not easy. There is always a way when there is will.
There are numerous Obi Cubanas of this Nation who have travelled the path and wethered the storm. If Nigerian Youth do not know what to do, they should go and learn from them.

Experience is the best Teacher. Internship and Volunteerism are critical and veritable alternatives and pathways for Nigerian Youth.

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