BioNTech To Develop mRNA Malaria Vaccine

Germany’s BioNTech aims to develop world’s first mRNA malaria vaccine

Mainz-based pharmaceutical lab BioNTech is already taking on an ambitious new project to create a revolutionary mRNA vaccine for malaria, less than a year after their groundbreaking COVID-19 vaccine went into production. The vaccine would be a world-first for mRNA technology used to combat malaria.

The BioNTech team hopes to have the vaccine in clinical trials in 2022, and could even begin to be administered to the general population in affected regions around 2023 or 2024. With an effective vaccine, BioNTech could become the world's first provider of mRNA malaria drugs.

The announcement of the project comes a year after the lab created the world’s first vaccine against the COVID-19 virus, together with its American partner Pfizer. Preliminary results suggest that the vaccine has been a success against COVID-19 in Germany and around the world.

BioNTech are using their new technology to combat other diseases
Malaria and COVID-19 are not the only illnesses that BioNTech has set its sights on combatting. The founders of the company both have backgrounds in oncology, and are keen to use their knowledge of mRNA technology to tackle several different types of cancer.

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