President Ghani Fled Kabul With $169million In Cash: Ambassador Demands Arrest

Afghan officials are calling on the International Police (INTERPOL) to arrest former President Ashraf Ghani, accusing him of fleeing the war-torn country with $169 million in U.S. cash.

Mohammad Zahir Aghbar, Afghanistan's ambassador to Tajikistan, told a news conference that Ghani had taken the money before fleeing Kabul as the Taliban took over the city over the weekend.

The Afghan Ambassador also urged the INTERPOL to arrest Ghani's associates, Hamdallah Moheb (National Security Advisor) and Fazl Mahmoud Fazli (DG, Administrative Head to The Presidency), for stealing public funds.

It was earlier reported that the former Afghan President fled with “Four cars full of money, that they tried to stuff another part of the money into a helicopter, but not all of it fit with some of the money was left lying on the tarmac."

Ghani who was rumoured to have fled to Duschambe, The Tajikistani Capital was welcomed at the United Arab Emirates today


The UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation can confirm that the UAE has welcomed President Ashraf Ghani and his family into the country on humanitarian grounds.

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