-63B5D53BB4DBC007517C2B9F8545E693 I Slept With 16 Married Men & This Happened, Please Help Me

I Slept With 16 Married Men & This Happened, Please Help Me


Hello Editor,

Please post and hide my ID. I seriously need God’s forgiveness and prayers from the people here. Please, nobody should abuse nor Insult me because as it stands now I am emotionally wrecked already.

I can’t explain my life as it stands now because I am in deep mess. My parents got divorced when I was 9 and my mum took me and my late sister to the north and remarried there. My late sister got raped twice and my mum still didn’t believe her.

I got pregnant and was abandoned by my boyfriend and my mothers maltreatment on me was unbearable and I ran away at 22 years and dropped out of school second year at the university.

I traveled back to meet my dad who didn’t scold me but accepted me and my pregnancy. My dad doesn’t have money but he will go and borrow to see me eat. My delivery money he borrowed it and later paid back.

My baby died 3 days after delivery. My father told me to go back to my mum and try and finish my school but I felt I can’t cope anymore and started looking for easy means of life.

I made friends that takes me to bars and on the process I met a woman that pimped me to some comfortable guys, not really rich men. In all these my mum didn’t check on me. My dad tried,he advised me but I didn’t listen.

My late sister that was raped died in an accident 😭😭. I ventured into prostitution fully and most of my big clients are married men who love Anal sex alot and they pay heavily. Some of them love it flesh to flesh and because of the money I was moved to accept the offer.

From the money I make I sent to my dad to buy his diabetic medicines. I am 34 years and down with HIV and I don’t know if I can survive it. I wish I had a mother who won’t treat me the way my mum treated me and my late sister.

I don’t know if any younger person that comes across my story will learn anything from it. I need Prayers and Forgiveness, Please Help Me.


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