Eywa Cross-chain Review

Eywa Cross-chain Review

EYWA Cross-chain Liquidity Protocol (CLP) is a decentralized cross-chain exchange 
distributed across various blockchains. It allows end users to work with native and synthetic 
assets without using intermediate entities (unlike ThorChain), perform exchanges, as well 
as add or remove assets to or from liquidity pools. This makes it possible to simplify the 
experience of end users by automating transactions with the issuance and burning of 
synthetic tokens during cross-chain operations. Liquidity is also non-custodial under the 
given protocol, since the same approaches as in any AMM DEX are applied in it.

                    Executive Summary

The EYWA project is an end-to-end system that allows numerous and different 
blockchain ecosystems to enrich each other via liquidity, community and the technical 
integration of various DeFi protocols. EYWA is the basic solution for building next-
generation DeFi cross-chain protocols.
The ecosystem that the EYWA project is building supports initiatives to narrow 
the gaps between different blockchains and protocols, increasing their combined 
synergie, and attracting new talent and new capital to the DeFi sector. It is our hope 
that many of the new DeFi protocols will be built using the underlying technologies of 
EYWA, as the core philosophy of the EYWA project is integration, communication and 
collaboration among the many teams working on the development of DeFi protocols, 
accelerating the mass adoption of blockchain technologies and cryptocurrencies. 

Eywa Cross-chain Review

DeFi is the future of the world’s financial institutions and the global economy is 
witnessing the very beginning of the rapid growth of this sector. Such a derivation is 
highlighted by the interest in this area on the part of large venture capital funds and 
institutional investors, such as Andreessen Horowitz, Polychain Capital, Alameda Research 
and others. Significant investments in the design and development of smart blockchains 
and DeFi protocols are spawning a technology race.

 The competition between DeFi ecosystems will eventually lead to the development 
of simple, streamlined financial products tailored for the mass market. These will include 
products that can be made available on every mobile device and will not require users 
to understand all of the related fundamental questions on how blockchains work, which 
assets to pay commissions in, which wallets to use to store these assets, where to buy 
them, etc.

 From this point of view, EYWA is the basic solution for creating next-generation cross-
chain DeFi protocols. We believe that a sufficient number of blockchains with good 
technologies and great prospects have already been created on the market, but it is 
now necessary to establish cooperation between these giants, instead of multiplying the 
number of entities*

For EYWA DEX end users (traders):
Cross-chain exchanges allow users to freely exchange one native token for another 
native token in another chain, for example, ETH for BNB or USDT (BSC) for USDC (ETH) 
using two or even three blockchains.
This can be achieved both by using the EYWA protocol’s own liquidity pools, and by 
aggregating liquidity pools of existing large decentralized exchanges in various blockchains
The ability to make cheap transactions by exchanging assets of «expensive» blockchains, 
for example, to exchange erc20 Ethereum tokens using a cheap intermediate blockchain.

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