-63B5D53BB4DBC007517C2B9F8545E693 Is Minex World Legit Or Scam?

Is Minex World Legit Or Scam?


Minex.world claim to be a cloud mining platform that allows users to earn free cryptocurrency through the platform cloud mining power.

They claim to give 3000 Gh/s immediately after your registration while they give 60-70 Gh/s every hour, they also have a referral program whereby you get 50 Gh/s for each referral and 14% of their replenishment.

They claim that users can earn 4% of their fund daily when they replenish their balance with a minimum of $50.

Minex world has eight tariff plans ranging from free to paid plans for its customers which are:


  • 1%
  • $0
  • +3000 Gh/s


  • 2%
  • $3
  • +3000 Gh/s


  • 3%
  • $15
  • +3000 Gh/s


  • 4%
  • $50
  • +3000 Gh/s


  • 5%
  • $200
  • +3000 Gh/s


  • 6%
  • $500
  • +3000 Gh/s


  • 7%
  • $1000
  • +3000 Gh/s


  • 7.5%
  • $2000
  • +3000 Gh/s

Minex World Signup

To signup on Minex world isn’t complex as what is needed is to visit the website and fill in your details then register.

Minex World Login

To start benefiting from the mining program that Minex.world promised, you’ve got to log in to your account by inputting the details that you used during your registration period and proceed, it will take you to your account dashboard and show you your mining progress.

However, before you make any attempt to start investing or mining for free in the platform, look into our review on Minex.world below to get full insight if the platform is legit or a scam.

Is Minex World Legit Or Scam?

After several exploring, investigations alongside users that have made use of the platform review, we declared Minex.world as a pure scam.

According to our analysis, there’s no doubt that Minex.world is nothing but a scam and there have been a variety of reports from users that have withdrawn and haven’t got paid their money.

Minex.world allows you access to see the mining progress of your account, but it is all a lie. Once you reach the minimum withdrawal, they block your access and you will never be able to change or access your account again.

And if you manage to withdraw, it won’t be credited to the external wallet that you provided.

Limited information about the company indicates a red flag, there’s no other information on their website and they don’t even mention who owns the platform and where they are located.

No images or videos of mining data centers and also unrealistic plans that have been introduced, every withdrawal record that’s being displayed on the platform is nothing but fake data because it’s a code that’s being designed at the front-end of the website.

Their website is basic at best and doesn’t have any advanced features, same template-based websites that are popular with the HYIP websites.

They have not provided their address, their registration number, among many other things. There are no photos and videos of their mining data centers to prove that they are cloud mining service providers.

Final Verdict

We at Bulliscoming flagged the Minex.world platform as a scam because this platform has been vetted thoroughly by us thus, we’ve decided to air out our  review saying the fact that you should not invest any fund on this platform, and don’t even register to start with the free plan as it would be a waste of time to you.

We suggest that you don’t invest in any of their plans.

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