-63B5D53BB4DBC007517C2B9F8545E693 Making Money on Homebaseworks.in Legit, Paying, Real, Working, Genuine or Scam?

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Making Money on Homebaseworks.in Legit, Paying, Real, Working, Genuine or Scam?


Is Homebaseworks.in Scam? Or is Homebaseworks.in Legit Website? From our opinion and research, Homebaseworks.in is not a legit website to work on. We do not recommend this website. Never share your information, if you have then changed your passwords and credit/debit card.

The aim and intention of Homebaseworks.in the website is very clear, we want people to become aware of fundamental red flags found among the scam website. Nobody can save you until you work to save yourself. Therefore, learn, read, understand and share this article with other people.

Why Homebaseworks.in Scam?

Fault in the name ‘Homebaseworks.in’

‘Home base work’ is a very popular keyword. Scammers understand how to use and optimize their site on popular keywords. In our experience, we have not seen any genuine websites that use popular keywords as their site and domain names.

Genuine websites that offer work online to freelance workers use different and unique names which they want to create into a brand. For exampScams

Also, websites that turn into scams used Keyword-based website names, for instance, Homeworkonline.co.inGeteasy2earnTelecomedataentryOnlinedataentryjob.co.inWorksfromhome.co.in and many more present in our Online Income Scams 

Now it is understandable that Homebaseworks.in is not a genuine website. It contains all the red flags that are also found in the scam websites mentioned above.

Information of the Owner: Not Shared

Websites that do illegal work always hide their information. We need to understand, on the Homebaseworks platform, people are going to work. It means at the end of their work, money should be credited to their account. If it doesn’t happen then the issue must resolve immediately.

Further, the issue is not resolved then whom you are going to complain or against whom you file a complaint. Internet is full of scammers, they trick people into their trap in myriad ways.

First, they ask for money from people to register them or to process something. No genuine website ask for money from their employee. Companies spend a big amount of money to conduct searches to hire people. But on scam websites they want people to pay them first.

Second, genuine companies always registered properly and their owner information is easily accessible to their employees. Websites like Homebaseworks.in, never registered themselves and share their information with others. They hide intentionally and guard their info in WHOIS records as well.

In short, nobody knows who owns this website and who are the people responsible for the management of this website. It is not a safe place to work on.

Easy Task Trap

Let us assume if you are a scammer then what will be your purpose. It will be to scam as many people as you can. The only way to do that is to offer something unrealistic and can be done by the majority of people.

Scammers never ask for people’s genuine skill and knowledge. They just offer easy tasks or work, so that maximum number of people can come to their site and work for them.

Work offer on ‘Homebaseworks.in’ site are copy-paste job, typing job, content writing job, Proof Reading, Survey Job and many more. The price list is awesome. We never get that kind of money to do content writing or proofreading. But we used to get paid in reality.

It is not that people aren’t able to search for genuine places to work on. The problem is that on a genuine website first they have to prove their worth and the process is long. But there are no shortcuts in the real world.

The story of every successful people tells us that behind every big achievement, there is lots of hard work and years of constant patience present. Any site that offers easy ways to earn money, say to them, don’t try to fool us. We know your reality.

Personal Experience

Initially, some scammers do pay their members but later they stop paying and want them to work for them freely because they are under contract. It happened with one of my friends. Scammers try to blackmail him saying they will sue him.

Copied Conent Used

The content present on Homebaseworks.in is not unique. They have used their ‘copy content work’ on their website. No genuine website use content of some other website. They hire genuine content writers to generate new and unique articles and blogs for them.

Content helps a website to get a good ranking on Search Engines. It helps a website to earn a good authority rating as well. But scammers never believe in such things. They run ads on different social media and search engine platform to target their prey.


Homebaseworks.in is a scam website. They not just scam people but use their data to create big data for them which they sell to an anonymous third party. Websites that offer easy ways to earn online income usually get great traffic. It makes it simple for them to get ads from Google or from any other company.

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