-63B5D53BB4DBC007517C2B9F8545E693 Making Money on Jp-video.xyz Legit, Paying, Real, Working, Genuine or Scam?

Making Money on Jp-video.xyz Legit, Paying, Real, Working, Genuine or Scam?


Before starting Jp-video.xyz review, we want our readers to look at the list of sites below this paragraph. All the sites mentioned have the same theme, and content as of Jp-video.xyz. From just this point we all can understand Jp-video.xyz is a scam site, so are the others.

Dg-video.xyz, Site-video.xyz, Moneyee.cf, Abcvideo.xyz, Fun-video.xyz, World-video.xyz, Global-video.xyz, Income-video.xyz, Vip-video.xyz, W-video.xyz, M-watch.xyz, W-watch.xyz, and A-ali.xyz.

The need for Jp-video.xyz review is to understand why all these sites are scams? From our point of view, there is no use to know a bunch of sites is a scam. The real use is to understand their work. It will help people to point out other similar scam sites if they encounter them anywhere over the internet.

Why Jp-video.xyz Scam?

Duplicate Website

Not just the content, the whole website i.e. Jp-video.xyz is a duplicate of other scam sites. Scammers don’t waste their time and resources to create new and original content. They just use one content under a different domain name and launch scam sites in huge numbers.

The list mentioned above is not even the tip of the iceberg. Many similar but different websites also work on the internet. Therefore, always look for the red flags that we are mentioning here.

The presence of duplicate content shows that the website is not original. They got penalized by the Search Engines, which is why they create numerous websites on daily basis.

The reader can check the duplicity on their own by using the plagiarism tool available online for free.

Hiding Information

Genuine companies that are working genuinely to offer jobs, never hide their information. But websites like Jp-video.xyz always hide. It is because they know they are doing illegal work. Once people see their real faces, they will surely sue them.

This website is guarding its information in WHOIS records which is also another common trait found among these kinds of scams.

Referral Scam: Real Work

Jp-video.xyz and other similar websites offer the easy task of watching videos. But it is not their real intention. They want their members to bring more people to their site. If somebody works on their website then they encourage them to make new referrals and earn also from that.

Once a person completes the minimum payout limit and asks the company to credit his/her income. They give an excuse that please make say 20 referrals first. No genuine company blocks its member’s money just because they have not made any referral.

The earnings via watching videos and making referrals should be dealt, independently. Scammers give logic that money kept aside for the promotion of videos is given to the people by companies directly via their platform


Do not use and waste time on Jp-video.xyz. It is a 200% scam. It is our request to please do not look for shortcuts or easy works. Scammers use people’s innocence against them. Majority of people who look for easy ways to earn online always end up working on some scam site.

It is our effort via Jp-video.xyz review to make as many people aware of such scams and red flags found on them. Please share it with other people. Help us to help many more. Let us together harm the business of scammers by making people aware.

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