Making Money on Paidtoclicknetjobs Legit, Paying, Real, Working, Genuine or Scam?

Earning money for watching Ads, nothing can be easy than this work. website offers its member to earn around $40 daily and if they bring their friend then their earning will get double. Paidtoclicknetjobs Review will reveal why nobody should work on this website.

Online earning is possible but not easy. You have to dedicate constant time to your work. Whenever somebody especially newbies tries easy ways to earn, most of the time they land on scam websites.

Online earning is possible but not easy. You have to dedicate constant time to your work. Whenever somebody especially newbies tries easy ways to earn, most of the time they land on scam websites.

Offering good money for watching ads is not a new method. Scammers are using it for more than a decade. Scammers provide simple logic that is money companies kept aside for promotion is giving directly to people via their platform.

It is an old trick. Paidtoclicknetjobs is not different from other scam websites. We have not used it but we know certainly that it is a scam site. 

Why Paidtoclicknetjobs is a Scam?

Not a Secure Site

We all know everyday cyberattacks happen on various levels. Many genuine websites with sufficient security also get hacked. It means nobody is 100% secure, but it doesn’t mean that companies won’t make any effort to secure their site and members’ data.

We found zero security on the Paidtoclicknetjobs site. They don’t even have an SSL certificate. To earn money on this website, people provide their personal as well as financial information. The information or data is not safe with them.

Websites like Paidtoclicknetjobs offer easy tasks so that majority of people will join them. This way they can get data from people around the world. Now they can either misuse this data in any illegal way or sell the big data to some anonymous party.

Owner Information: Hidden

Paidtoclicknetjobs review is not just about declaring a website a scam and making people aware of red flags. Our other intention is to help people to inculcate the habit of asking questions and doubt unrealistic deals.

We looked into this one-page website, in their content they have not mentioned anything about the person who owns this site. They purposely do not share anything with their members. How could somebody trust them?

Our point is simple, if earning online is really that easy as claimed by the Paidtoclicknetjobs site then they have almost solved the problem of unemployment for the whole world. As this website can be accessed globally.

No genuine company offers any work without using their employee skill and knowledge. If any person, company, or website claims to pay good money for an easy task that doesn’t require skill or knowledge then it is a 100% scam

The information in WHOIS records is also not shared. It is the most common trait found among scam websites.

Referral Scam

Paidtoclicknetjobs not only ask people to work on their site. They also offer to bring more people. The referral method in itself is not bad. Genuine websites and companies also use it to give incentives to their members.

But what happens on scam websites is that they block members’ income giving an excuse that they have not created a sufficient number of referrals. To release their income they have to make a number of referrals.

Fake Testimonials and Copied Content

The testimonials present on the Paidtoclicknetjobs website are fake. The content present on the website is also copied from some other site. Nothing original is present on this website. Their whole work is in itself is a hoax.

Anybody can check the legitimacy of the content by using a plagiarism checker available online for free.


Paidtoclicknetjobs is a 100% scam site, do not use it and never bring any other people to this website. Never believe anybody blindly, not even us. 

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