Making Money on Yieldnodes Legit, Paying, Real, Working, Genuine or Scam?

Yieldnodes is a revenue opportunity that will help you increase your fiat or cryptocurrency through masternoding returns that the company distributes to all of its members. The company aims to take a lot of the risk out of the equation due to the fact  there is no day-to-day trading involved and generates returns through masternoding that can be compounded!

YieldNodes is a complex, multi-tiered Node rental program based on the new blockchain-based economy.

The participant funds are used to rent servers that master-node and generate coins that we sell. It is a rental program and should be viewed as such.

Since there is a small risk involved with masternoding and the fact that you can compound your returns, the returns for the members can become very substantial over a period of time.

The niche that I would consider Yieldnodes to be in would be the revenue and affiliate marketing niche.

Company Overview

One of the things that I like to see when I research any money-making opportunity is to know who the owner of the company is. This will give me the ability to learn about the history and the experience that the owner has.

Yieldnodes CEO Owner Steve H

With that said, the CEO of Yieldnodes is Steve Hoermann. He is a successful investor that owns various properties and has become very involved with the revenue market to help others earn a return on their participation.

The company launched in the summer of 2018 and has been running since that time. In 2019 in the month of October, Yoieldnodes entered its beta phase and has helped members earn a 47.7% ROI through March 2020 using masternoding.

Everything has checked out with the company and the CEO using several research techniques I used which is a great thing.

Interview With The Yieldnodes Owner


So… What Is Masternoding?

Masternoding is basically what one would do to earn cryptocurrency coins. There are only a certain amount of cryptocurrency coins that Bitcoin has for example and the coins are also not released all at once.

The way that you can earn cryptocurrency coins are:

  • through proof of work and…
  • proof of stake

Here is a breakdown of what this means…


Proof Of Work (POW)

When you say “Proof Of Work” when referring to cryptocurrency often refers to mining.

Mining was actually the way that gaining more cryptocurrency was originally done and the way that the mining is done by high-powered computers that would solve very complicated mathematical problems and when these highly complicated equations would get solved, you would be rewarded with a small amount of crypto.

There is no mistake that a regular computer at your home will have a very difficult time solving these equations. You will have to have the right high-powered hardware installed, and the amount of processing power that you would need would be more than one would think. Even if you have the right tools for the job, you will still need a certain amount of coding education, and also, 1 computer will take a very long time to mine a small amount of crypto, usually, someone would need many computers that would cost many of thousands of dollars and cost a pretty penny for electricity to have the processing power that would give you an ROI if any.

This is why it is not in an individual’s best interest to do this at home.

Proof Of Stake (POS)

What Is Masternoding Proof Of Stake

Proof of Stake is different but will still generate cryptocurrency returns. Some call this method the “new mining” but it is different. This method does not deal with high-powered computers to do these very difficult math equations that only high-powered computers can do. All you have to do with this method is to provide “proof of stake” which means owning the cryptocurrency that you want to get rewarded for

To do this, the user that wants to get rewarded must make a deposit of a minimum amount of their cryptocurrency into a certain wallet where those cryptos are then frozen and also have the ability to generate more coins. The rewards that you get for this type of coin generation are called a masternode. Then once the masternode is set up as “proof of stake” the owner will generate a certain amount of coins that will be awarded to the owner on a monthly duration.

Once the owner obtains the newly generated coins, you can then take them and trade them for other coins or even a fiat currency of your choice to be used later.

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How Does Yieldnodes Generate A Return?

Yieldnodes takes the model and uses the POF method but does it with many coins to generate a solid return because some coins might decrease in value and others may increase in value and the ones that increase in value are the ones that you earn more coins from.

There are many different coins available, what Yieldnodes does is research the absolute best masternode opportunities available that would offer the best monthly return and use the funds that all the members to choose those right ones.

It goes without saying that this process takes a certain technical skill that Yieldnodes have acquired that goes towards maintaining the security, the creation of masternodes as proof of stakes, and the integrity of the systems used.

There are thousands of various coins that you can masternode with, and to minimize risk, the company does a lot of research and chooses many of the best opportunities to stay in a steady monthly return.

How Does YieldNodes Spread The Risk?

Just like with any currency, there are fluctuations in the value of each one which goes the same for cryptocurrencies.

What Yeildnodes does is mitigate the risk by spreading out the risk with coins that offer a solid monthly return with higher risk coins that can offer a much higher return but can also break even or even lose which provides the potential for very great months or a good month.

Yieldnodes keeps a portfolio of around 14 solid cryptos for their masternodes which offer a solid and safer monthly return that can be updated with new coins or getting rid of the coins that are not producing that well anymore to reduce risk.

Yieldnodes does constant research to keep their masternodes up to date constantly for their members.

Compounding Your Revenue With YieldNodes

Average Yieldnodes ROI and Compounding Returns

In this section of my Yieldnodes review, I am going to cover some of the benefits that Yieldnodes offers when you start generating your monthly returns.

One of the great things that Yieldnodes offers is the ability to join with not only BTC, but you can also use a payment card such as a Visa or Mastercard to get started. Another great way that they also accept payment is through a direct bank wire, from your bank to the Yieldnodes platform.

No matter which method you choose to use, Yieldnodes will take your initial funding and convert it to the cryptocurrency used for masternoding to take care of all of the technical aspects behinds the scenes for you. What this means is that you don’t need any prior experience with cryptocurrency to get started.

Once the funds are deposited, it takes 7 days to convert your funds into masternodes to start generating your monthly masternodes returns. The returns will be based on the total amount that you have in your pool and not on the BTC amount or value. What this means is that even if BTC increases or decreases, the ROI is based on the Euro amount that Yieldnodes converted your initial funds into.

Now, you can either choose to cash out your ROI earned each month or compound your ROI to earn on a greater revenue amount for next month’s masternode returns. You can choose to re-deposit 100% or 50% or any percentage that you wish to re-deposit, there are no limits or specifics on the percentage amount that the company sets for you.

Also, one thing to take note of is that your initial participation funds are locked into earnings from the masternodes for 6 months. After the 6 month period, you will be able to withdraw all of your initial participation funds IF you decide that is what you wish to do. However, you can withdraw any of your returns earned each month or simply compound it.

There is a 2-year maximum term on your masternode revenues, so what that means is if you decide to keep your initial participation fund in the system to continue to earn a monthly ROI, then after your initial participation fund hits the 2-year mark, your initial participation fund will expire, and not earn an ROI. However, you will continue to earn on the funds that use from your monthly revenue profits or any personal one-time funding made after your initial one which will all continue for 2 years. The initial participation amount including the compounding effect will yield about 236.8% for the first year assuming that the average monthly ROI is at 10.7% and also if you don’t take anything out.

Another thing to take note of is that once you ask for a withdraw, you will get paid in Bitcoin. For those that are not familiar with how to convert your Bitcoin into fiat (the currency of your country), I will provide instruction.

Some of the members are making an initial deposit and then, later on, deposit more… some are doing it on a monthly basis and are earning a significant amount each month.

Another Benefit That YieldNodes Offers

Another benefit that members will have is to participate with the newly acquired cryptocurrency coins that Yieldnodes took reign of, like the Sapphire coin.

One of the things that any cryptocurrency needs to have in order to stick around and grow is interest in any coin, community support, real-world usage, and of course people to buy them.

The Sapphire coin is just one of the cryptocurrency coins that Yieldnodes took reign of and is also one of the master node coins in their portfolio. The company does plan on purchasing more coins to help make them more valuable and to help spread interest in the coins that they will eventually purchase.

What Yieldnodes is doing for its Sapphire coin is currently running an online store ( where you can purchase items using the Sapphire coin so that the coin can grow and earn in value.

You can find this coin on the Coin Market Cap website.

Best Offer

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My YieldNodes Q And A Section

In this section of my Yieldnodes review, I am going to answer some of the questions that people may have when thinking about joining.

How Much Does It Cost To Get Started With Yieldnodes?

The easiest and fastest way to get started with Yieldnodes is by paying with Bitcoin.

The minimum cost of Bitcoin to get started is $500 worth of BTC. (highly recommended)

You can also use Euros if that is better for you…

The minimum amount to get started with Euros is €500.

The maximum that you can deposit is €250,000.

Here are some of the forms of payment that are accepted:

How To Sign Up And Join Yieldnodes

…more information about accepted payment methods when you click on the link above or below that I provided for you to create your free account.

As mentioned before, your initial deposit is locked in for 6 months before you can withdraw that amount, but the monthly ROI that you earn can be requested between the 1st and the 15th of the month to be withdrawn into your account the next month on the 7th.

What Countries Are Yieldnodes Accepted In?

Currently, Yieldnodes is accepting members in all countries.

Can I Withdraw My Money At Any Time?

The initial deposit that you make will be locked in for 6 months before you can withdraw the full amount of your initial deposit. However, all of the monthly profit that you earn each month on your deposit and monthly compounding is what you can withdraw or you can simply reinvest it to grow your money.

What Are The Risks Of Joining Yieldnodes?

As of right now, the value of cryptocurrencies has been steady for several years now and even with the higher value on the cryptocurrencies is beneficial to the monthly masternode returns.

There is always a bit of risk, if for some reason the value of cryptocurrencies all drops drastically at the same time, then the ROI for that month would be low to no return of course. But as said previously, for the last few years, there has been a positive ROI in the average of just over 10%.

What Is The Monthly ROI?

The monthly ROI can be determined by the value of the cryptocurrencies that Yieldnodes uses which will be different each month.

However, on average, the monthly ROI has been on average since it started to be at 10.7%. Last month it was at over 13% and this month looks like it will be around 13% or higher as well.

Can I Compound My Profits?

One of the best things about the Yieldnodes platform is that you have the option to compound your monthly earnings. Yieldnodes will actually give you the option to do this automatically. You can choose to compound 100% or any percent of your profit, what this will do is automatically deposit your new monthly profit into your pool.

You can always set the percentage to zero and take out the full amount of your profit in any month.

Can I Withdraw Profits?

At the beginning of each month, if you don’t have your re-deposit profits set to 100% automatic, then you will see your monthly profits in your dashboard.

You will need to request your funds between the 1st and 15th, then the following month on the 8th is when you will receive your withdrawal.

What If I Don’t Own Any Cryptocurrency?

The great thing about Yieldnodes is that you don’t need to own any cryptocurrency to get started with them. You can actually use your payment card like a Visa or MasterCard, and even a bank wire will work.

The company will automatically convert your deposit into cryptocurrency to use for masternoding.

However, if you have at least $500 euros worth of Bitcoin, then this will be the fastest way to get started.

How Is My Money Used In Yieldnodes?

The money that you deposit into Yieldnodes is pooled with the other members for masternoding and (as of now) is over 1 million dollars.

This is the masternoding pool that earns the monthly return from their portfolio of cryptocurrency masternodes.

What Is Sapphire?

Sapphire is actually a cryptocurrency that is on the Blockchain. Yieldnodes actually took rein of the Sapphire coin now and they use this coin as one of their masternode cryptocurrencies.

The company also plans on taking rein of other coins to add and grow its own portfolio of masternode cryptocurrencies in the future which, in theory, will also help these coins grow in value.

Are There Any Costs/Fees?

There are no fees to get started to be part of the Yieldnodes masternodes monthly profit program other than your initial deposit.

There is a small fee for management costs that are taken out of the monthly profit.

Is Yieldnodes A Scam?

Is Yieldnodes A Scam or Legit Opportunity 2

After looking at all of the information about Yieldnodes, I can’t say that it is a scam.

I really like the platform, the way that their business platform works, how it works, and I really like how they put it all together.

In my personal opinion, this is one of the most stable platforms to earn extra revenue that I have seen in a long time.

No, Yieldnodes is not a scam, they are highly transparent and masternoding is very real.

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My Final YieldNodes Review And Thoughts

In the final section of my Yieldnodes review, I am going to share my thoughts and recommendation about the opportunity as a whole.

I have taken the time to research and review the many aspects of the fascinating company and the opportunity that Yieldnodes provides.

I have also shared the functions on how they generate profits through masternoding and also answered many questions that people may have when thinking about joining Yieldnodes.

What are your thoughts up to this point?

But here is the question…

Would I Recommend Joining Yieldnodes?

I really like many of the aspects that Yieldnodes offers and it is unlike many things that I reviewed in the past which is quite refreshing.

The company also offers affiliate commissions but for only 1 level, which makes it a true affiliate compensation plan that doesn’t require the typical retail products or services that a multi-level structured opportunity would need to offer.

When one of your referrals makes a deposit with Yieldnodes, you will earn a 5% referral commission.

Overall, I really like Yieldnodes and recommend it!

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