-63B5D53BB4DBC007517C2B9F8545E693 Making Money on Youtubeh Legit, Paying, Real, Working, Genuine or Scam? Youtubeh.xyz

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Making Money on Youtubeh Legit, Paying, Real, Working, Genuine or Scam? Youtubeh.xyz


Youtubeh.xyz is not a unique website that offers money for watching videos. Scammers always offer lucrative deals. They offer easy tasks for a good amount of money, which is not possible in reality

People especially newbies who try to know about ways to earn online easily always fall into the trap of such scammers. Therefore, it is our advice to not use and share any website that offers lucrative deals. Shortcuts never lead to anything worthy. Every successful people has started from zero. And believe us, zero is the best place to start with.


Owner’s Information Not Shared

If a website is genuine, they never hide. They use their website about us page to share their information and story. But Youtubeh.xyz is not a legit website, therefore, their people hiding the information. They also guarded the information in WHOIS records.

Being an employee, it is people’s right to know about their employer. Please exercise that right and ask for the information before beginning any work on this site. Never share your right information with them.

Selling the Data

Sites like Youtubeh.xyz gather people’s information and convert them into big data. There are numerous similar scam sites operating online. Their sole aim is to gather as much information as they can. They can sell people’s information to some anonymous third party.

Or they can use the same for any illegal means without people’s knowledge. They can loot money directly from the bank using their financial information. If anybody has shared their information then please change your password or change the debit/credit cards.

Real Work Referral

Watching videos is not the real work of Youtubeh.xyz website. They want people to bring more people to their website. Sites like first ask people to watch videos and earn. In the dashboard, people see their income increasing daily as they watch videos.

After some time when people cross the minimum payout limit, then websites ask them to make (just say) 20 referrals first to release their money. 

First, genuine companies also use referral methods to give incentives to their customers or members. They never block their other income just because they have not made any referral.

Second, even if a referral is important to make. Still, income should not be blocked for this reason. It is because people ask for the income they earned while watching videos. The money for this and referral should be kept separately.


There is no use to discuss it more, Youtubeh.xyz is a scam site. They are not come to do genuine business and offer an easy way to earn money. If this website is real then we will be the first people to work on it. Unfortunately, in life nothing is easy but at the same time, nothing is impossible.

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