-63B5D53BB4DBC007517C2B9F8545E693 VendibleLabs Airdrop Review: Is VendibleLabs Project and Airdrop Legit Or Scam?

VendibleLabs Airdrop Review: Is VendibleLabs Project and Airdrop Legit Or Scam?


When you Sign up to be one of the first to try the Vendiblelabs wallet, you stand to get a share of USD 30,000 worth of VEND, their upcoming platform token. Bring in the most referrals and win $3,000 in value!

Sign up on vendible here.

Is Vendible Secured

Privacy-preserving smart contracts keep your data and finances from prying eyes. Integrated identity ensures that you still know who you’re dealing with, and losing keys doesn’t mean losing funds.

Centralized storage and misuse of personal data and payment details lead to breaches costing individuals and industry billions each year.

Vendible helps consumers own and protect their most valuable assets while allowing businesses to perform their operations seamlessly.

How to Earn VEND

Access your assets across the most popular networks in one wallet by depositing them into our liquidity vaults. Their transaction manager will protect your assets while you earn VEND each time exchange on the platform settles in one of your currencies. Immediately trade VEND for any other asset on the platform!

Vendible hosts a multi-stage wallet run by our autonomous transaction manager. Your sharded identity claims can generate a new private key if you ever happen to lose your seed phrase. No more fear around losing keys and access to your on-chain assets!

Vendible Partners & Early Adopters Program

Vendiblelabs has partnered with:

  • Algorand
  • Polygon
  • Onfido
  • Alloy

Vendible has set aside 12 million VEND for businesses and developers to create new integrations and proof-of-concept projects to connect our exchange, asset and data storage, identity management, and ledger systems to real-world systems and significant blockchain networks.

These solutions will save costs and time while creating new revenue streams.

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