List of Top Paying Games to Download?

List of Top Paying Mobile/Android Games to Download 2022?

From a wide variety of genres games emanate, this entails that everyone can find suitable game to play. Games have over time proven to be refreshing and fun. One can possibly grab few new things while playing puzzle games, some games can help sharpen your strategic thinking and the sports games can be enjoyed being played from the comfort of your chair and can help boost your concentration skill.


Free games are all loved being played its of no doubt but the things do not come free in the world of games. Most Android games do not emerge with a free version the premium version needs to be paid for, when you finally purchase this premium version of the game maximum fun and achieving full potential from the game is guaranteed.


Note: Not every game worth your money. Some games have proven to be shitty, nasty and can get you annoyed with their never-ending ads. We are going to present to you list of scrutinized and trusted best paid Android games which are highly enjoyable at anytime, anywhere.


These games really worth the monies which are spent on them, you just need to sit back and enjoy playing them after purchasing, keep scrolling to read about some killer premium android games that will sure keep you thumbing.


1. Monument Valley.


This Monument Valley is developed by Ustwo Games, it falls under the category of puzzle. A marvelous plot of a progenitor, Ro, and her daughter backs up this game, it is very easy to use. It has an amazing at the same time stunning scenery and graphics, in the same vein the architecture and geometry are iconic and it has a mind blowing soundtrack.


The price of the game is $3.9 for US, 5.7 AUD and 5.16 CAD. The storyline combined with the levels are equally awesome and the player would be happy to move to the next level. Players who are interested in puzzle and adventure games must love this game.


2. Terraria.


This game was rightfully put as our list of best paid Android games for 2022. Using local wifi one can possibly play this game with up to seven of his friends. In playing this adventurous game you’ll get to explore series of locations, from inside deserts down to floating forests and dreaded underground coated with wonderful and thrilled filled interesting scenery is not left out.


The price of this game is $4.9 US, 6.51 CAD, 7.25 AUD. During the day, the characters in this game get to mine blocks and confront zombies and monsters at night. Great resources which can aid you build tools and houses can be explored as you progress with the game.


This game requires your time and involvement. These above mentioned tools will make you take on the evil bosses. The characters existing in this game can be personalized also, the graphics are top-notch with mind blowing sound effects.


3. Star Wars: Knight of the Old Republic (Kotor)


This Star Wars game is mainly developed by BioWare, we highly recommend this nice RPG. Through the decisions you take points can be awarded in the mysterious republic. The player will be get some rewards if he decides to kill or help the characters he meets, your actions defines the path of your avatar whether you are for light or darkness.


The prices of the game are $9.99 US, 13.5 CAD and 14.66 AUD. Star Wars have easy characters and simple to control just by taking swipes. A novice might not find this game easy to play but with time it will be learnt. It has a super soundtrack and top-notch graphics.


4. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas


Grand Theft Auto is developed by Rock Star North, it is action-packed mission game and worths any payment made for it. It sells at $6.99 US, 9.16 CAD and 10.22 CAD. The player has to up the character of an ex-gangster, Carl Johnson. This Carl Johnson got back to his neighbourhood after his mum passed on.


The player needs to be armed, posses houses and engage in some naughty activities, these activities makes up the game and accords it a unique outlook. Newbies might find the touch screen controls hard to remember but with constant practice everything falls into place.


There are side missions available in this open-world game, they include stealing a car to give the game more spice and action, getting a job, and beating someone up. This is included as one of the best premium Android games in 2022.


5. StarDew Valley


This Stardew Valley is seen as farming simulator game. It sells at $7.99 US, 10.49 CAD and 11.45 AUD. This game is all about progenitor taking over his Grandfather’s farm in Pelican Town, it is fun and educative game. The player needs to the farm and earn some plots along the way as it is done in other games with similar plots.


There is an opportunity for the player to build his character and own your game, this is a twist that makes this game unique. Various activities are to be taken place in this game they include getting married, going fishing and townsfolk. This game has a simple graphics, the controls are handy and tools can be easily switched.


6. Riptide GP: Renegade


This game is sold for $2.99, 3.85 CAD and 4.29 AUD. It is a racing game. Renegade has amazing graphics and wonderful sound and great control options. Playing this game cannot be boring as it’s crazy stunts would keep you entertained.


The storyline is all about an ex-con racer who embarks on a revenge mission and progressions are made through levels that get more challenging as they come. The 8 tracks in this game are exiting to race on.

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