The Bape Nft ( Review | Everything You Need To Know

The Bape Nft ( Review | Everything You Need To Know

Bape Nft Is a 5,555 unique Bionic Apes on the Ethereum blockchain (ERC-721) are the only robotic species left after the Robopocalypse.

How many BAPEs are available in this collection?

There will be a total of 5,555 Bionic Ape's in this collection. There are a number of perks of ownership, such as staking for $BAPE, a play 2 earn game currently in development, and more which can be seen in in the Roadmap! 

Where can I acquire a BAPE?

Minting for whitelist and public sale will happen here on this website. You won’t need to go anywhere else! For secondary sales, you can acquire a BAPE via a secondary purchase on| Always verify that you are purchasing the correct and official Bionic Ape NFT, if you are in doubt, just ask in our Discord

Can I stake my BAPE NFT to earn rewards?

If you choose to hold and stake your BAPE NFT, you can earn rewards of the $BAPE token

Is there going to be a game?

They are actively developing an interactive game where BAPE NFT holders can participate in a fun, and engaging game to earn $BAPE coins!

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