10 Legit ways to make money from watching videos, Referring People, Taking Survey, Taking Quiz Without Being Scammed?

10 Legit ways to make money from watching videos, Referring People, Taking Survey, Taking Quiz Without Being Scammed?

10 Legit ways to make money from watching videos, Referring People, Taking Survey, Taking Quiz Without Being Scammed?

Making money from watching videos is a lot easier than you might think. And, considering you'll likely be spending plenty of time watching films, clips and ads online anyway, it's such an easy way to earn some extra money in your spare time.

It's an ideal way to make money alongside similar ventures like starting a YouTube channel. Plus, all of the video-related work experience could hugely boost your CV and help you get a job related to film, TV or digital media.

There are loads of ways to watch videos for money, and we'll go through the best options here.

#1 Swagbucks

Swagbucks is a site that you’ve probably seen featured in my other money-making articles. However, the thing with Swagbucks is that you can earn money in a variety of ways and watching videos happens to be one of them.

While it is true that watching videos only earns you 1SB to 3SB (points) on average, those little Swagbucks add up over time, especially when combined with the other ways that you can make money on the site. Click here

#2 Inbox Dollars

Inbox Dollars, like Swagbucks, gives users a variety of ways to make money. However, one option includes watching videos, and when you sign up, they’ll start you off with a $5 bonus. click here

#3 PrizeRebel

With PrizeRebel, you watch short videos on your computer and get rewarded points for each video you watch. There is an unlimited potential of how many points you can earn watching small clips. Also, you can earn points by doing other tasks, learn more about  PrizeRebel.

#4 Nielsen Computer and Mobile

With Nielsen Computer and Mobile, you quickly get rewarded after installing the app and getting rewarded just for using the Internet as you do today! So, if you watch many shows, video clips, YouTube videos, and movies on your computer or mobile device, you earn rewards for doing that! Clickhere for info

#5 MyPoints

With MyPoints, there are several ways to make money with them, like watching videos, taking online surveys, and earn cashback doing your online shopping through their website. And, new members receive a signup bonus of $5-10 dollars! For more details

#6 Vocalyz

Vocalyz has opportunities to view and share your opinions about movie and television concepts and trailers. Also, you earn by completing online surveys. Click here 

#7 Lifepoints

With Lifepoints, they offer various ways to earn points redeemed for cash, gift cards, merchandise, and retail vouchers. Earn by completing video surveys, product testing, diary surveys, online surveys, teen surveys, and mobile surveys.

#8 Become a House Sitter

Like being a pet sitter, some people will pay you to stay at their house while they are away. You may have tasks such as walking the dog or watering the plants; however, once your duties are done you can sit back and watch tv or a movie on their flat screen.

#9 Success Bux

Success Bux is another GPT site that allows you to make money online in various ways, including by watching video ads from companies. The good news about this site is they have lower cash-out limit than most GPT sites, so your earnings will be in your pocket quicker.

#10 CreationsRewards

CreationsRewards pays you to do a variety of things, and watching videos is one of them. New members get a $5 bonus when signing up. However, it has some terms and conditions that come with it, so make sure to read the fine print.


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